Virtual Console Wrap-up – 12/1

Hey there, it’s time for us here at DHGF to give our opinions on the new Virtual Console games of the week. Or rather, game. One game. One lonely game. Again. Sigh. Anyway, it’s Metal Slug 2 from the Neo Geo. Where’s Earthbound? Does anyone know? I think I’m gonna cry.

Metal Slug 2
Developer: Nazca Corporation
Publisher: D4 Enterprises
System: Neo Geo
Original Release Date: 1998
Price: 900 Wii Points

Matt Yeager: Know what would be awesome? If they had a collection of these games available for the Wii.

Alex Lucard: Here’s the thing. Metal Slug 2 is an excellent game. One everyone should at least play. It’s a superior game to Metal Slug 1, but there are two big problems.

1. Metal Slug 2 suffers from slowdown. LOTS of slowdown. This is why the game was re-released as Metal Slug X, which is far superior and it probably the second best game in the series, after MS3. I would never recommend Metal Slug 2 over Metal Slug X, which is easily available on the PSX.

2. There’s a little something called the Metal Slug Anthology for the PS2 and the Wii. This title, which goes for about $20 these days not only has both MS2 and MSX, but it contains 1, 3, 4, 5, & 6 to boot! That’s 7 metal Slugs for $20. Why would you buy a single MS for only $9. That’s just crazy!

There’s absolutely no reason to buy this game. None at all. Especially when you can get every Metal Slug except the 7 and the two Neo*Geo Pocket Colour games for a little over double the cost of the VC console download. Come on SNK, give us titles you HAVEN’T released an anthology for, like Mark of the Wolves or the first Baseball Stars.

Christopher Bowen: As Alex said, this isn’t even the best version of Metal Slug 2; Metal Slug X is superior, far superior, and is also available on the Metal Slug Anthology…the $20 Wii disc that comes with every version of the game other than Metal Slug 7 and the Neo Geo Pocket games (which were pretty good, actually)

I can see why they’re coming out with this game this week (and for those that complain that we’re not descriptive enough with our entries, read Alex’s Metal Slug 7 review, and rewind about fifteen years, adding in camels and shit. Bang, Metal Slug 2), with Metal Slug 7 being out for a couple weeks, but really, is Mark of the Wolves too awesome for us or something? Even barring that, where in the blue fuck are the games that Europe got last week? I still haven’t forgotten PSIV and Castlevania III, Nintendo!

Nathan Birch: Oh boy, they’re back to dumping SNK games on the service…wake me when it’s over.

Aileen Coe: Joy, another game you can buy cheaper and with other games in an anthology (in this case, available for the Wii, even!). Man, this seems to be a recurring theme with the VC as of late. Nintendo, there’s a near infinite library of games to choose from, both domestically and abroad – surely you can do better.

Mark B.: Uh, two things. First, as noted above, compilations exist with this game on it that come with OTHER games, and this are a more economical deal. Second, uh, aren’t there about a billion SNK games that AREN’T on compilation discs that COULD be coming to the VC? Couldn’t I, theoretically, be downloading Sengoku 3, or Cyber-Lip, or Mutation Nation, or hey, how about Samurai Shodown RPG? Couldn’t you perhaps give us something we HAVEN’T played in the past month? I mean, I know that the whole point of the VC is to re-release old games we loved as kids to get some more money out of them, but that only really works when I don’t own the games somewhere else, especially if it’s on a disc for this very system, guys. Let it go.

Well, I think we can all agree on this one…go for the Anthology if you get the Metal Slug urge. Otherwise, you might check out this weeks Wii Ware releases, Space Invaders Get Even and Pit Panic.






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