Virtual Console Wrap-up – 11/17

Last week, fans of classic games were treated with one of the best games on the NES with Mega Man 3. So how do you follow that? Of course, you follow it with Forgotten Worlds from the Genesis and Space Invaders: The Original Game from the SNES. Well, they’re no Mega Man 3, but let’s see what DHGF has to say about them!

Forgotten Worlds
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
System: Sega Genesis
Original Release Date: 1989
Price: 800 Wii Points

Nathan Birch: I recall thinking this game was really stupid, and mind you this is back when I was like, 10 and still thought Ninja Turtles were kind of rad. You play as a giant shirtless dude who flies through the air in a manner that breaks all laws of physics and shoots stuff. Every once in a while an old-timey looking storefront pops out of the ground in this futuristic world and you can buy junk. It’s kind of like Cho Aniki but the campiness and homoeroticism isn’t intentional.

Charlie Marsh: Here’s a unique little shooter. You control a guy flying around with a gun and a little thing reminiscent of your little helper from R-Type. What’s cool about this game is that you can shoot in all directions, 360 degrees. You need that too, because there is stuff flying at you from all directions.

Which brings me to what’s not cool about this game: it is ridiculously hard. The 360-shooting, while fun, isn’t exactly the most intuitive thing in the world to control. Basically, you need it constantly firing in all directions at all times in order to kill everything trying to kill you. And if you die, that’s it. One life, one continue. You can buy extra lives, but the tough part is getting to a shop to buy one. At least they had the decency to give you a life bar. Just because it’s hard, that doesn’t make it bad, but this is one tough little game. I don’t really know if it’s easier in 2-player mode, but I’m sure having a friend around could only help, so I say only get this if you’re planning on playing it with somebody else.

Space Invaders: The Original Game
Developer: Taito
Publisher: Taito
System: Super Nintendo
Original Release Date: 1994
Price: 800 Wii Points

Charlie Marsh: As the name implies, this is a straight port of the original, 1978 arcade game. Of course, being on the SNES, you’d expect it to have some kind of enhancement, but the game is just a collection of a few different versions of the original; no music or graphical enhancements, and no new gameplay. Now then, the question is, is this a bad thing?

Depends on your own preferences, I guess. If you prefer straight ports of your favorite classic games, unedited and untouched, then this is for you. It’s the same old Space Invaders as it’s always been, just with a few differences in controls due to being on the SNES. If you think the game might be too primitive for you but would fancy a remake, might I suggest Space Invaders Extreme, both on the PSP and DS or perhaps wait for Space Invaders Get Even on Wii Ware, a remake of sorts told from the Space Invaders point of view, that even I’ll admit to be intrigued about.

Nathan Birch: There was a Space Invaders on the SNES? You learn something new every day.

Aileen Coe: I can say the DS iteration of Space Invaders is leaps and bounds better.

Kind of a “meh” week for the VC overall, but over on Wii Ware, we have the 4th episode of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People: Dangeresque 3 and Target Toss Pro: Bags, for 1000 and 700 Wii points, respectively. Strong Bad is always good, but throwing bean bags around? Not sure about that one. We’ll see you next week!






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