Preview: Dynasty Warriors 6 (PS2)

Preview: Dynasty Warriors 6
Developer: Omega Force/KOEI
Genre: Action
Release Date: 11/18/08

One thing you can count on year after year, just like Electronic Arts churning out a Madden game, is that KOEI will undoubtedly make a shiny new Dynasty Warriors. This year has already seen that new version released for the next-gen consoles, but KOEI still has a soft spot for the PS2, it seems. In fact, it would seem it loves those owners more than any other, since this version has a bunch of extras that really make the PS2 version of Dynasty Warriors 6 worth a look even if you already own one of the next-gen games.

The PS2 version offers six new Musuo stories for some of the better characters that didn’t get much love originally. In addition, three of the characters are given weapon changes, and by all indications so far, two of them were a definite improvement (though we won’t spoil who just yet). All of these good changes will have to come at some price though; in comparison to the 360 and PS3, the PS2 is just an outdated beast. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it like a hunter loves his rifle, but at this point, it’s becoming time to hang it up on a mantle and buy a new one.

I expect one of the main cons of this release, despite the extra content, to today’s gamer will be the PS2 graphics, as they are less defined. Another drawback that should be noted to those who have played the next-gen releases would be that the swimming mechanic from those releases is absent from the PS2 release. I don’t really see this as a problem, personally, as I didn’t particularly like the swimming in the 360 version. The game seems to play identically otherwise, so fans shouldn’t notice much difference in the gameplay from one to the next otherwise. Only time will tell whether it was a good decision releasing a PS2 version of Dynasty Warriors 6, especially so long after the other releases.

Check back in a week or two to read our review and get the full details on the PS2 release of Dynasty Warriors 6.



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