31 Days of Gaming Terror – Day 9: Fatal Frame Reflections

Alexander Lucard I’ve never played the third Fatal Frame, but that’s because I kept holding out for a Xbox director cut like the first two recieved. Alas, it never happened and now the game is rare as hell. Maybe someday.

The fourth Fatal Frame came out for the Wii a few months ago in Japan with Nintendo bringing it stateside shortly. I was quite impressed with Nintendo buying the rights to the Fatal Frame series, making it Nintendo exclusive from now on. Nintendo franchise games are usally high quality titles, and this also now gives Nintendo a big name M rated series to eschew the critics who claim that they are geared towards younger gamers.

You can read my in-depth commentary on the first two Fatal Frame games from May of 2006 below:

Fatal Frame
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

You can read Lee Baxley’s review of Fatal Frame: The Tormented: here.

Matt Yaeger: Fatal Frame is hands down the scariest horror game out there. I never really get that tense playing horror games, probably due to the fact that after viewing hundreds of horror movies it’s hard to to do anything but mutter the occasional “Ew” when I play a horror game or watch a horror movie. Fatal Frame though? Fatal Frame 2 was the first, and only, game I ever had to turn off after an hour of playing because I didn’t want to get nightmares. The game bothered me that much. I started playing with my surround sound turned up and all the lights off, but those lights came right back on shortly after starting the game. The atmosphere and music just give the game a creepier edge than most other games.

Here’s hoping the Wii version will be released in North America soon.

Mark B: My most vivid memory of Fatal Frame is probably buying the second game for ten dollars for the Xbox when it was on clearance somewhere, putting it in, playing for about half an hour, running into an unkillable ghost who killed me instantly, and not playing the game afterward for about two months.

Hey, no one said they had to be GOOD memories.







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