Virtual Console Wrap-Up for 9/29

After a surprisingly robust turn-out last week, with the very strong Super Dodge Ball leading off a two-week release, Nintendo figured we could do with one VC release this week, what with Mega Man 9 still fresh for most, and another Bomberman game hitting WiiWare.

The game – Super Turrican 2 – is one that had a lot of critical praise when it was new. It’s also the last Turrican game released. Did the praise of ’95 live up to ’08? Let’s ask the fellows – and myself – shall we?

Super Turrican 2
Developer: Factor 5
Publisher: Ocean
System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Original Release Year: 1995
Price: 800 Wii Points

Charlie Marsh: EarthBound! Finally! Thank you Nintendo! I can’t wait to…oh wait.

Super what?

Yea, I don’t care.

Nathan Birch: What’s a Turrican and why are there so many of them on the Virtual Console? Nintendo must think Turricans are awesome because I think pretty much every time a Turrican game comes out for the VC it’s released on it’s own. If you get Turrican you don’t need anything else that week! Well personally I’m not so convinced; spend your Wii Points and the spiffy looking new WiiWare Bomberman game instead.

Guy Desmarais: I think I remember reading about that game back in the days in a Nintendo Power. I think they made quite a big deal out of it. I never ended up playing it, but hey, that’s gotta count for something, right?

Christopher Bowen: Blech.

Now that Nintendo mostly has their Turrican drawer empty, hopefully, they can move on. As it stands, ST2 is SO different from the other Turrican titles that I can’t recommend it too much to Turrican fans, but it’s also not as good of a shoot ’em up as games like Contra, which ST2 is actually more comparable to, with a little Bionic Commando thrown in on the side. Recommended for genre fans only.

Alex Lucard: Yeah, Turrican is one of those series that was insanely popular with critics a decade ago, but which you never hear anything about here at the tail end of 2008. Our predecessor namesake gave this a 91/100 back in March of 1995, but as a person who has never been a fan of platformers, I just don’t get the hype. Turrican 3 for the Genesis is my particular favorite from the series, even if there was a bit of plagiarism from G-Force/Battle of the Planets in it.

If you were a fan of this series in the mid 1990’s, then $8 for this game is probably an excellent deal. As for me, I was never into the series in High School and I doubt it’s aged well enough for me to start liking it now.

Bryan Berg: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

… Well, so much for momentum.

I don’t understand Nintendo’s logic. Last week, they released the most impressive WiiWare game I can think of, and followed that up with two good VC releases, one of which was a classic that’s stood up well over the past ninteen years. This week, we get Another Fucking Bomberman Game™ on WiiWare, as well as a generic shooter with an overrated name. I don’t know who it is that makes these decisions for Nintendo, but whoever it is, I either want his head on a plate, or whatever drugs he’s doing; I’ll bet that’s some Columbian grade shit.

Until next week, this is Chris Bowen, reminding you to always hold reset while shutting power off.



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2 responses to “Virtual Console Wrap-Up for 9/29”

  1. Aaron Glazer Avatar
    Aaron Glazer

    I know you don’t like this game, but how about actual thoughts on it from more than Lucard. Beyond that, just don’t bother. I can make my own snarky comments. I’d like information too.

  2. Christopher Bowen Avatar

    Aaron, while I appreciate the feedback, and concede that I could have done the postscript differently, where do we not give information what the game is? I stated above that it was comparable to Contra with some Bionic Commando thrown in, and it wasn’t quite like past Turrican titles.

    I think we hit a balance between snark and information, but look forward to further feedback.

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