Virtual Console Wrap Up for 9/8/2008

Ever since the initial releases of the Virtual Console, Nintendo’s loved springing surprises on us; I believe in my heart of hearts that someone’s sitting in Redmond, thinking to themselves “OK, how are we going to fuck with the hardcores this time around?”, and this week was no exception. However, this time around, Nintendo pulled an end-around on the average gamer as well, and if reactions from other places I frequent on the internet are any indication, gamers are in for a bit of a surprise…

Cho Aniki
Developer: Mayasa
Publisher: Mayasa
Originally Released On: PC Engine CD
Original Release Year: 1992 (JPN)

Christopher Bowen: I’ll spare everyone the gay jokes this time around, seeing as how this game isn’t quite as homoerotic as future games would get.

What we DO have, from what I’ve been able to play, is an average shooter being sold at a premium price. There’s plenty of shooters on the VC that are better than this, aren’t as expensive, nor are as heavy a download/storage as Cho Aniki. On the positive side, the soundtrack is pretty good.

Recommended to pass. It’s not even good as a novelty item, because the gay stuff that people know the series for doesn’t really come into play this time around.

Alexander Lucard: Eh. This holds no interest for me. As Chris said, this is a mediocre title that has only been remembered for its “‘Whoops, get her. Don’t mind me.’ limp wristed caricatures.” For those alone I’m shocked it made it stateside to the VC without anyone raising some sort of PC ire. Pass for all but the too curious for their own good.

Nathan Birch: Ah Cho Aniki. Yes, it’s campy fun and a fascinating look into how another culture perceives homosexuality, but after a while you’ll likely come to the realization that, Christ…I’ve been staring at animated bulging g-strings for entirely too long. Whether or not this will be worth 9 bucks to you will entirely depend on how long you can be amused by junior high level gay jokes. I’m not too proud to admit I’d probably be getting my money’s worth.

Bryan Berg: BOOOOO!!!!!!

Final Soldier
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Originally Released On: PC Engine
Original Release Year: 1991

Alexander Lucard: This was one of my first ever imports. I love the Soldier series as they still hold up both visually and gameplay wise. Once the final chapter in the Soldier series, Final Soldier isn’t the best in franchise, but it’s an excellent addition, to the genre and your virtual console. Let’s just all try to pretend Star Soldier R doesn’t exist.

Christopher Bowen: NOW we’re talking. Final Soldier is a high quality, top-down vertical shooter that can get intense in later stages. It’s the final game in the Star Soldier saga, and a worthy purchase for any shooter fan.

Nathan Birch: Well with this we now have the entire Turbografx library of Star Soldier games on the Virtual Console. Never played this one in particular, but if it’s anything like Super Star Soldier or Soldier Blade it’s a very good but not great shump. If you’ve been buying all these as they’ve hit the VC may as well complete your collection for 7 bucks.

Bryan Berg: BOOOOO!!!!!!

So that’s the week of September 8th. Two obscure Japanese shooters, one known to hardcores as a fantastic shooter, the other known as a virtual homosexuality simulator, and considering the titles’ relative obscurity and increased price, it could be assumed that this was Nintendo not wanting to release anything major the same week as Spore.

See you all next week, when we’ll all be done with Super Mario RPG from last week, and will get back to whining about Earthbound.






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