Virtual Console Wrap-up – 8/18 Releases

Hey friends, we’re back with your new Virtual Console releases of the week. This week might as well be subtitled “Better Late Than Never Week”, as we’re getting the recently rumored/withheld Mega Man for the NES and Neo Turf Masters from the Neo-Geo. One of these things is not like the other, one of these things etc. etc. Let’s see what everyone thinks!

Mega Man
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Action
Original Release Date: 1987
Cost: 500 Wii Points.

Christopher Bowen: It’s hard to get excited about this game again, after Nintendo fucked us a few weeks back. Essentially, it’s Mega Man, which really needs no introduction, but if you’re thinking about it, keep this in mind: 1) No save function (not even a password), and 2) Mega Man Anniversary Collection is still widely available and affordable for the Gamecube, and it has all eight games plus two bonus games. So no, this isn’t worth it.

However, I’m going to use this opportunity to remind Nintendo that they have two more marquee releases from a couple of weeks ago to give us. You know, the ones they held back in a PR dick move. I’m not going to let that one die lightly.

Alex Lucard: Blah. I’ve already got it for the GCN with the Mega Man Collection. Why do I need it on the VC when the Wii plays GCN games? Plus, $5 for the VC version or for ten dollars you can, you know…get EVERY Mega Man game.

Mark B.: Mega Man is, yes, available in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the Gamecube, which means that you can pick up EVERY Mega Man game for, according to Amazon, about fourteen bucks… or you can buy one game for five dollars. And this doesn’t even take into consideration the awesome remixed music tracks in the Gamecube version, or the fact that it won’t be taking up space on your internal memory that you could be using to store other stuff, or the fact that you’d have EVERY OTHER MEGA MAN GAME from the core franchise, all at once. So, uh, y’know. Pass.

Nathan Birch: Well hey, let’s repost what I had to say about this game 2 weeks ago when it was supposed to come out. Most classic games walk a fine line between frustration and fun. Almost all NES games are difficult, but the good ones are well crafted and rewarding enough that you can put up with it.

Maybe I’m just a wimp, but the Mega Man games serve up too much frustration without enough balancing reward for me. For years I tried to delude myself that I was actually having fun sitting there sweaty and red-faced, my teeth grinding in rage as I fell down the same pit for the 100th time. As I’ve matured though I’ve come to terms with the fact that me and Mega Man just weren’t made for each other. These are just my own abnormal personal opinions though, as plenty of people like the series and for 5 bucks you don’t have much to lose.

Danny Cox: Awesome plus because the game is incredibly awesome, but as has been said…I’ve got the Collection for Gamecube so what’s the point? Give us something we didn’t have available to us in the past fifteen years thank you very much!

Charlie Marsh: Like the rest, I say get the Anniversary Collection, but if you want to play the game with the NES controller-like Wiimote, especially since they switched the buttons around on the GC collection, go for it. Unless you want to save your money for Mega Man’s 2 or 3, which, quite honestly, I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to do.

Guy Desmarais: I love Mega Man. Everybody loves Mega Man. But I don’t like paying twice for the same thing unless it’s a Ghostbusters DVD Special Edition. But hey, if you can’t find the Anniversary collection anywhere, then this game deserves your time. But try to look REALLY hard before spending your money.

Neo Turf Masters
Publisher: SNK Playmore
Developer: SNK
Genre: Sports
Original Release Date: 1996
Cost: 900 Wii Points.

Charlie Marsh: No thanks.

Danny Cox: I have Wii Sports, thank you!

Nathan Birch: Wha-what? A Neo Geo game that involves something other than kicking and punching things? The press release must have omitted the part where you beat on your opponent with your golf club.

Mark B.: Neo Turf Masters is, one more time from the top, included in the SNK Arcade Classics collection that you can purchase for your Wii console, and therefore is not worth your money on principle. That said, if all you want is golf, and you don’t want a bunch of shooters and fighting games along with it, well first off, what’s wrong with you? And second, fine then, go buy Swing Away Golf 2; it’s golf, it’s only twenty bucks, it offers actual variety, and it won’t take up space on your internal memory that could be used for, I don’t know, Splatterhouse 2 or something. Pass.

Alex Lucard: Meh. Wake me when they SNK puts out some KoF or the first Baseball Stars.

Christopher Bowen: Yawn. This isn’t a BAD golf game, but it’s just a golf game that’s short on modes and has antiquated gameplay mechanics. I don’t think this one’s worth $9; to be completely honest, anyone that wants a good golf game for the VC should probably look at NES Open Golf instead, which is only $5.


Hey, what do you know, a game that’s actually good! Maybe next week we’ll get a game that we can actually recommend buying! Maybe…






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