Virtual Console Wrap Up for 8/4/2008

So it’s an interesting week. Nintendo alerted three companies: Capcom, SNK, and Hudson Soft that they would each have a game released on the Virtual Console on August 4th. Those games? Mega Man, Samurai Shodown II, and Y’s I and II.

Wow. This was to have been arguably the greatest week ever for Virtual Console releases.

So of course Nintendo fucked it all up by pulling a massive bait and switch on not only their fanbase, but on three fairly decently sized publishers as well who had ALREADY ANNOUNCED THEIR GAME’S RELEASES. Wikipedia, Gamefaqs, and even Hudson Soft’s website all had reported these titles thanks to the publishers and Nintendo’s earlier statement, leaving the Internet its first piece of Virtual Console drama in a long time.

Nintendo’s only statement on the matter when question by multiple websites and magazines?

A number of variables can affect a game’s release date. Therefore, the Wii-kly Update is the only authority for confirmed release dates of Virtual Console games.

That’s it. Which is basically a “Shut the fuck up. We’re Nintendo.” to fans and publishers alike. Not cool guys. Not cool at all. Especially when you tell companies that have finally started to support you over Sony and Microsoft to go ahead and write press releases like this:

SAMURAI SHODOWN II Coming to Wii Virtual Console

Live by the Sword…Die by the Blade!

Wall, NJ – July 31, 2008 – SNK PLAYMORE USA CORPORATION, the U.S. publishing arm of the SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION, announced today the forthcoming release of SAMURAI SHODOWN II for Wii Virtual Console on August 4th 2008.

Regarded as one of SNK’s greatest games ever produced, SAMURAI SHODOWN II successfully integrated a brand new, dynamic fighting system that was years ahead of its time. The fighting system introduced players to several new offensive and defensive maneuvers including the ability to roll both forwards and backwards, ducking to avoid high attacks, hopping to avoid low attacks and the implementation of a “Ëœparry’ system that would allow players to deflect incoming attacks at the last second if performed successfully. In addition to the newly revised fighting system, SAMURAI SHODOWN II also features 16 unique playable characters, hidden bosses, a two player versus mode and of course all of the wonderful translations fans have grown to love.

SAMURAI SHODOWN II will be available for Wii Virtual Console for only 900 Wii Points and has been rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB.


For more information regarding the Wii Virtual Console, visit the Nintendo Virtual Console Information Page at

So what are we stuck with this week? Well, it’s Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Master System and Splatterhouse II , but compared to the biggest backlash Nintendo has received since the launch of the Wii, both of these games are overshadowed by the anger and disappointment from gamers everywhere.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Original Released On: Sega Master System
Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: SEGA
Wii Points: 400
Original Release Date: 1991

Chris Bowen – Are you fucking kidding me!? We were rumoured to have Ys 1 + 2 AND the one SNK Fighter that didn’t suck coming today, and instead we’re getting Sonic The Fucking Hedgehog? In 8 BIT FORM!? What kind of joke is this? What, are there not enough ways to play Sonic? My cat threw up a hairball today, and I think it’s at least got the Green Hill Zone playable! There is almost no system on Earth that does not have a version of Sonic The Hedgehog available for it in some form, so normally, this would be a pass no matter what, but to have this piece of shit hoisted upon us after being teased with Samurai Showdown II and Ys 1 + 2? Fuck you, Nintendo.

Mark B.Sonic the Hedgehog as a SMS game is, y’know, OKAY, but it’s an SMS game version of a Genesis game. You can play it, but with the exception of the visuals it’s not dramatically different from any of the other games in the series, and frankly, unless you’re a huge Sonic fan, I can’t really see there being a need for most people to have any need to own this.

Alex Lucard – Fuck you Nintendo. Seriously. Fuck you.

Nate Birch– Wow, what a failure.

This has got to be Nintendo sending a warning for 3rd parties releasing information about what games are coming out before Nintendo gets to announce things.

I mean, the Master System version of Sonic? Really? This couldn’t possibly be anything but Nintendo saying “Oh yeah? You think you guys run the show? Well fuck you, we’re going to release the lamest thing possible just for the hell of it.”

Splatterhouse 2
Originally Released On: Sega Genesis
Publisher: Namco Ltd.
Developer: Namco Ltd.
Wii Points: 800
Original Release Date: 08/03/1992

Chris Bowen – OK, so this week isn’t a TOTAL loss; Splatterhouse is an entirely enjoyable game. But Nintendo really dropped the ball this week, overshadowing what is a positive release with their blunder.

Mark B.Splatterhouse 2, on the other hand, is pretty fabulous. It neatly ties up the story from the original game (for those of you that downloaded it for the VC) while providing a whole lot of challenging and enjoyable gameplay along the way. I mean, it’s a bit archaic and stiff if you’ve never played it before, but if you like horror games or games with a Lovecraftian bent to them, just buy it; you be glad you did.

Alex LucardSplatterhouse 2 is an enjoyable game, but one can definitely see the quality drop from the TG-16 to the Genesis with this game. The story is fun and it’s a romping good beat ’em up, but it’s nowhere as good as the original outing.

As you can see, we’re none too happy here at Diehard GameFAN. I was all prepared to write a review of Ys. We’d also be seeing one on SamShoII. Hell, it was a giant spooge of love for Nintendo towards these releases. Now? You’ve got a severely pissed off fanbase across the country Nintendo. Let’s see you PR your way out of this.






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