Virtual Console Wrap-up – 7/29 Releases

Know what would be nice? If they would release games on the VC I’ve actually played and can comment on. Although, everyone else’s comments led to me buying Gley Lancer, which is freakin’ awesome, so maybe that’ll happen again this week. This week saw Chase H.Q. and Art of Fighting 2 from the T16 and Neo-Geo, respectively. That sound you hear is total and complete apathy out of me. What does everyone else think?

Chase H.Q.
Publisher: Taito
Developer: Taito
Genre: Racing
Original Release Date: 1988
Cost: 600 Wii Points.

Christopher Bowen: Though I’m unfamiliar with the home versions, Chase H.Q. was a solid arcade game that involved more than just your standard race against the clock; you had to race against the clock (like most arcade games), but also to catch a bad guy while getting around obstacles; picture a car chase scene in a movie and you understand what Chase H.Q. was aiming at. It’s a decent, solid game, one that I can mildly recommend if you like old school driving games.

Mark B.:Chase H.Q. was all sorts of fun back in the day; driving after criminals and ramming them with your car to beat them into submission was good for a laugh more than a few times when I was a kid, anyway. The game probably hasn’t aged very well as a home release product, of course, but I can’t imagine it isn’t worth a couple of bucks just to goof around with, especially if you like old-school racing games with their goofy arcade-styled physics.

Nathan Birch: A kinder gentler sort of racing game. You don’t have to avoid the cops, you are the cops and you aren’t reducing criminal cars to flaming balls of shrapnel with missiles or anything, you just bonk into them and arrest them. Hey, don’t the cops who play by the book get to have a game too?

Alex Lucard: Never played. Not a driving game fan, and so I’ve never touched it.

Art of Fighting 2
Publisher: SNK
Developer: SNK
Genre: Fighting
Original Release Date: 2/2/1994
Cost: 900 Wii Points.

Alex Lucard: AoF is not the best fighting game series by SNK, but it’s certainly responsible for some of the best characters of all time like Mr. Karate, King, and Yuri. Yuri, as my longtime readers know is my favorite fighting game character of all time and this game is the first time anyone could use her. That alone is a plus for me.

Nathan Birch: Hmmm, a SNK game you say? Golly, and look it’s a yet another Capcom rip-off where you kick and punch things. Who would have guessed.

Mark B.: Art of Fighting 2 plays about as badly as Art of Fighting 1, which is to say, it’s clunky, stiff, and not particularly fun. It’s something of a step forward, and if you don’t own a PS2 this is probably one of few places you can get a hold of it, but Art of Fighting 3 is the only one of the series that’s really in any way enjoyable; the rest are kind of archaic (and technically kind of were when they came out) and probably won’t hold your interest beyond a play or two.

Christopher Bowen: I care as much about this Neo Geo fighter as I did the last 29308213021 that they pimped out. Great for historical purposes, but isn’t the Art of Fighting Collection on PS2 $20?


So there you go. I’m not the only one who said they hadn’t played these games, as our own Guy Desmarais and Bryan Berg shared that sentiment, so hopefully next week we’ll get something we can all talk about. Hopefully something we can all say good things about.






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