Virtual Console Wrap-Up For 7/21

Another week, another two games on the Virtual Console, but surprisingly, both of them are shooters. Even more surprisingly, they’re Japanese Genesis shooters! Let’s take a look at the Kliq’s thought on Gley Lancer and Super Fantasy Zone:

Gley Lancer
Publisher: NCS
Developer: NCS
Genre: Shooter
Original Release Date: 07/17/1992
Cost: 900 Wii Points.

Mark B

Gley Lancer is a fun shooter in an era of fun shooters that should probably be downloaded if for no other reason than the fact that it’s probably got some of the best 16-bit music ever. It’s got neat gameplay mechanics and it’s generally fairly challenging if you’ve never played it, though it’s probably not going to sell someone who’s not a shooter fan. For shooter fans, though, it’s one of the better ones.

Chris Bowen

Sorry about the mess guys… here, I’ll get a towel…

Alex Lucard

Gley Lancer is the Radiant Silvergun of the Genesis area, both in terms of quality and cost it goes for on Ebay. This is a game you should all play unless you absolutely hate shoot ’em ups. Ignoring the 6th grade level potty humour coming from my staff (which has been left unprinted), if there is one game that I am both shocked and overjoyed to see on the North American VC, it’s this one. Gley Lancer has gone for over $100 on Ebay, making it one of the costlier titles for the old 16 Bit system. It’s one of the best shooters from the 16 bit era, but by no means the best. Still, it has arguably the best graphics AND musical score on the Genesis, boasting cut scenes that would not be seen again outside of the Sega CD.

Gley Lancer is one of those games that is worth the 900 Wii Points if only because of how hard it is to find cartridge wise and doubly worth it because of how MUCH this cart sells for. Thank you Cthulhu for getting NOA to bring this to our Wii’s

Nate Birch

Now I’m not exactly a shump connoisseur, but if what Lucard says is right and this thing goes for around the same as Radiant Silvergun on Ebay (which regularly sells for 200 bucks) then through simple mathematical calculation this game must be at least 10 times better than lowly common Genesis carts that go for 10 or 20 bucks today. You can’t argue with math, don’t even try.

Super Fantasy Zone
Publisher: Sunsoft
Developer: Sunsoft
Genre: Shooter
Original Release Date:01/14/1992
Cost: 900 Wii Points.

Alex Lucard
This is a fun little shooter that allows you to scroll in either direction. It’s bright and colourful and I love the little upgrade shots. This is a fun little shooter, like the rest of the Fantasy Zone titles and I highly recommend it. It’s got a style all its own that a lot of other shooters lack.

Mark B.

Super Fantasy Zone is basically the original Fantasy Zone with pretter graphics and better music. If you have yet to play any of the games, it’s a fun, colorful shooter that features interesting mechanics (bombing enemies, buying upgrades with cash dropped from enemies) and personally, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the series. I’m still hoping they’ll see fit to release Fantasy Zone 2 on the VC, as it was probably the best version of the series all in all, but Super Fantasy Zone is still pretty sweet and well worth the cost if you’ve never played it.

Chris Bowen

It’s a sequel to Fantasy Zone, which, for those uninitiated, is Defender on acid with an item shop. It’s hard to really go wrong here; if you like good, fun shooters, the price is right.

Nate Birch

Never played it since it was Japanese only, but the other ones were always fun. Brighter, more colourful and less intimidating than a lot of other shumps, but with unexpected depth. A Youtube search seems to indicate this game is just like the older ones except prettier, which sounds like a good deal to me.

Guy Desmarais

Two games I had no idea even existed.


Well, much like we were hoping last week, the staff seems significantly more impressed with this week’s offerings. Two highly impressive, formerly import-only shooters for the low, low price of $18 isn’t bad by any means, and the staff here at DHGF has (almost) unanimously agreed: these are great games that should be bought immediately.

Tune in next week to see if the VC can keep the streak alive.






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