Virtual Console Wrap Up 6/30 Releases

Only one game this week, but it’s Fatal Fury 2 from the venerable Neo*Geo. It’s considered one of the most influential fighting games of all time, but is it worth your 900 Wii Points? The Kliq takes a look!

Fatal Fury 2
Publisher: SNK
Developer: SNK
Genre: 2.5-D Fighter
Original Release Date: 12/10/1992 (Arcade)
Wii Points: 900

Mark B
Fatal Fury 2 is somewhat more playable than Fatal Fury 1, but nowhere near as playable as, say, Mark of the Wolves. It’s not like FF2 is going to show up on the Wii in some other form, at least, so as a historical curiosity (IE if you’ve never played the game and you’re wondering where Mai Shiranui came from) it’s not bad. It’s still and slow as fighters go at this point, though, so don’t buy it expecting a great fighting game; you’ll only be disappointed.

Alexander Lucard
Fatal Fury is great for the storylines, but gameplay wise? Not so much. If you want a quality Fatal Fury game, fo for Real Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, and Mark of the Wolves.

Yes this is the series that gave us Geese, Mai, and the almighty Terry Bogard, but really, it’s not worth the $, and you can get this game, amongst others, in Fatal Fury Archives Volume 1 for the PS2 for only $15. Even cheaper if you find it used.

A defnite pass unless you have the Neo*Geo joystick for the Wii.

Chris Bowen
Another week, another fighting game who’s time has well passed it by. Ho fucking hum. I’ll channel Mr. Marsh: Where the fuck is Earthbound?

As you can see, most of our staff didn’t have the chance to play FF2 when it came out a little over 16 years ago. Hopefully next week, we’ll be getting more than a single release.






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  1. Charlie Marsh Avatar
    Charlie Marsh

    Yea, where the fuck is Earthbound?

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