Clips from ManiaTV’s Arcade Program

ManiaTV launced in 2004 as the world’s first Internet television network. Currently one of their top shows is called Arcade, and as you may have guessed, related to video games, and gaming in general.

One of the weirder things they do is a segement entitled “Grudge Match.” Here the loser of a video game challenge has to do something demeaning or embarassing. Below is a clip of their “Top Five Favorite Punishments.”

Arcade's Top 5: Top 5 Punishments from the Arcade Grudge Ma
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They also do video reviews, such as this one for Lego Indiana Jones.

Legos Indiana Jones Video Game Report on maniaTV's Arcade
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Arcade airs several times a day. To check when it is on next, take a look at their schedule.







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