Virtual Console Wrap-Up – 6/23 Releases

Hey there friends, we’re back with your new VC games of the week. This week, we’re getting Alex Kidd in Miracle World from the SMS and Burning Fight from the Neo-Geo. Not so bad, but not so good, huh? Let’s see what everyone else has to say about it.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

System: Sega Master System
Genre: Platformer
Release Date: 1986
Price: 500 Wii Points

Alex Lucard: If you can’t have fun with this game, then you have no soul. It’s that simple. I HATE platformers and this is a must buy for me. It’s also the best of the Alex Kidd games, so go for this one and just remember the franchise goes downhill after this.

Charlie Marsh: This game is awesome, amazing, a classic and well worth your $5. The only problem is the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” boss battles. Come on, really? Other than that, the game is incredibly fun.

Bebito Jackson: For the love of God, just BUY IT.

Mark B.: Wow. This is the very first video game I ever beat. Talk about nostalgia. Anyway, Alex Kidd in Miracle World was an absolutely amazing game when it came out, and time has done nothing to dull that opinion. It’s bright and colorful, plays well, has a metric ton of depth (from using money to buy things in shops to storing up a veritable armory of weird and awesome weapons to use later), multiple stages and paths to take through many stages, and JANKEN BABY~! Out of the five games with Alex Kidd’s name on them, this is easily the very best, and if you have VC access there is no excuse for you not to own this.

Nathan Birch:A cute, charming little platformer that nails the control and is generally pretty damn fun to play. I never really got the Alex Kidd obsession with rock, paper, scissors though. Alex seems like a nice kid, if Janken really just wanted a game of rock, paper, scissors I bet all he had to do was ask.

Burning Fight

System: Neo-Geo
Genre: Beat “Ëœem Up
Release Date: 1991
Price: 900 Wii Points

Nathan Birch: Another Neo Geo game where you punch and kick people that I know nothing about.

Mark B.: While I do believe I made a solid case for Burning Fight being a not-very-good game back when I reviewed the PS2 SNK Arcade Classics collection, for the record:

1.) This will be on the Wii version of the Arcade Classics collection, thus, again, making it not worth $9 if you plan to pick that up,
2.) If you’re a hardcore beat-em-up addict, there are plenty already available for download on the VC anyway that are better than this, and
3.) Ninja Combat is a far superior game in every way possible, and since that came out on the VC a few weeks ago (though SOMEONE didn’t think it was necessary to comment on it) and won’t be on the Arcade Classics disc, would more likely be worth your cash than this.

’nuff said.

Charlie Marsh: Another Neo-Geo beat “Ëœem up? Let me check…nope, still don’t care. Where’s EarthBound?

Alex Lucard: Although I feel SNK’s KoF series is far superior to Street Fighter, I have to say Burning Fight is like Final Fight’s retarded little brother. Even Worse, SNK basically copied Final Fight right down to two of the characters being clones of Capcom’s Guy and Cody. Save your money for Street of Rage and its sequels.






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