Review: Grand Theft Auto IV (Microsoft Xbox 360)

Grand Theft Auto 4
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar/Take Two
Genre: Sandbox
Systems: Xbox 360
Release Date: 04/30/2008

Welcome to Liberty City, situated in the state of Liberty City. Home of 1 Dollar Hot Dogs and 20 Dollar Hookers.
This town has seen it all, and in the time since our last visit much reconstruction has been done to the streets
and landmarks. Tourists are warned to be extremely careful when visiting the city, as violence is known to break
out at the drop of a dime. Car jacking in particular is exploding, as street thugs are apparently too cheap to
take taxis where they need to go. And who can blame them? Taxi fares in Liberty are outrageous, with a typical
ride from Dukes to Alderney costing upwards of a $100 for a one way fare.

The cuisine in Liberty is world famous for its variety, and the discerning palette will find something just for
you, if you feel like scouring the city in search of that perfect meal. Be it formal dining for that super expensive
escort you’ve hired, or one of the many fine Cluck’n’Bells and Burger Shots for that “lady” you met off
of Craplist, you will find everything at your finger tips. Much of Liberty City is ready to be explored online at the
local TW@ Internet Cafes, so if you find you cannot find a restaurant for you, look online!

times square

And what about the entertainment for the evening? The Great White Way doesn’t disappoint, with a little something
for just about anybody. From Comedy Clubs hosting some of the worlds top comics (this author was pleased to see
Ricky Gervais during his stay, but comedy clubs are known for their variety, so buyer beware) to helicopter tours of
the downtown core, Liberty City has something for even the most seasoned traveler. Even the racier element of
society is well served, with multiple gentlemen’s clubs scattered throughout the boroughs. These clubs were
painstakingly researched just for you, the reader, I hope you feel special.

How about fashion, you ask. Liberty is famous world wide for its many fashion outlets. Does this hold up? Well,
this author found that this season’s fashions tended to be a bit limited. Perhaps the clothes are stuck on some
ship in the harbor. Most of the more famous stores were closed to me. What I did find was nice on the eye, the
deeper into the heart of Algonquin you went. Naturally this also reflected on the pocketbook. Don’t go looking
for deals; go looking to make deals in the Exchange after you’ve invested in a fantastic new Power Suit.


In the past this reporter has always been disappointed that touring Liberty was a solo endeavor. This burg has so
much to offer, I felt, that more than one person should be able to experience it at a time. Well thankfully it
seems the government bureaucracy which enforced this policy has relented, and the gates have been thrown open to
visitors. The Department of Homeland Security is allowing groups of up to 16 people to visit the city at any
given time, and while the single tourist is more likely to encounter the cities more prominent inhabitants, groups
of tourists are more likely to create their own fun amongst the general population of Liberty City.


So does Liberty City stack up when compared to other tourist destinations in the United States, like Los Santos or
Vice City? In this authors mind, absolutely. There is so much to do here, even when you aren’t doing anything.
Even the local TV and Radio stations are an improvement on Los Santos and San Fiero. Be it “The Mens Room” with
Bas Routen or Liberty Rock Radio and Radio Vladivostok, these entertainers are on top of their game, giving you
hours of entertainment when you are cruising around town or just sitting on the couch at home watching the

Transporting yourself around town has been simplified greatly since the last time I was touring this great city.
The subway is now free of charge and is a great way to get from one area of the city to another. So too are the
taxis. They may be expensive but at least now they will stop and pick you up. Before the only way you could get
their attention was to rip them out of their driver’s seats. Not that I would ever do anything like that.
Sadly however, while the subway is now free the bane of freeways and turnpikes nationwide has appeared on the
highways that ring the city and connect the boroughs. That’s right, Toll Booths have popped up all over Liberty
City’s bridges and highways. And at $5 a pop they certainly aren’t cheap. And don’t even think of trying to plow
through the booth, as the guards are armed with both firearms and radios to call in police response. Please don’t
ask how I know, I really don’t want to talk about it.


As a further precaution, I will warn you the tourist to be on your guard when driving around Liberty City. In
addition to the likelihood of being car jacked, you must also be on the look out for drunk drivers. Sadly the
bars of Liberty refuse to take the keys of customers who have been drinking too much, and while the LCPD are
vigilant when it comes to catching people who are driving drunk, they cannot be everywhere in a city as crime
ridden as Liberty, despite what some criminals may think. So do yourself a favor and keep your eyes on the road.
And if you yourself choose to drive while drunk, well, I hope you die without taking anyone else with you.

And on that cheery note, I will end this review of Liberty City. Despite what I’ve stated above, the city is
absolutely a recommended visit. There is simply too much to see and do while in this town.

The Scores:

Story / Modes: Unparalleled
Graphics: Great
Sound: Classic
Control / Gameplay: Very Good
Replayability: Great
Balance: Good
Originality: Decent
Addictiveness: Very Good
Appeal Factor: Great
Miscellaneous: Good

Short Attention Span Summary

An extended stay in Liberty City is highly recommended. Just bring body armour and excersice your second ammendment rights and you’ll fit right in!



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