Virtual Console Wrap-up – 4/28 Release

I’m of two minds on this week’s VC release. This week, we’re getting Double Dragon from the NES. On the one hand, it’s one game. One lonely game. One lonely NES game. On the other hand, it’s Double Freakin’ Dragon! To be honest though, one good classic game is fine, but why not two good classic games? Or one good one and one not-as-good one? I don’t know, one game is just so…little. Maybe I’m just pissed the one game isn’t EarthBound. Anyway, here’s what we think!

dbld-1.jpgDouble Dragon
-Genre: Beat “Ëœem Up
-System: Nintendo Entertainment System
-Release Date: 1988
-Price: 500 Wii Points

Mark B.: The NES Double Dragon can throw itself off a cliff. If you want to play the REAL Double Dragon you can download it on XBL. This is a waste of $5; I don’t care how nostalgic it makes people, Double Dragon without 2-player co-op makes Baby Jesus cry.

Danny Cox: I don’t care! It’s Double Dragon and I get to see the Abobo again!

Christopher Bowen: First off, if anyone doesn’t understand why this game is special, they either have lived under a rock for 20 years, are at the wrong website, or still have their mother’s breastmilk on their breath. If that’s the case, just hit “back”; this isn’t for you. That said, the NES version of this game is the one that’s the most special to me, as it’s the one I grew up with; I didn’t play the arcade version for a few years after this. And I do mean, this game is SPECIAL; I got all the glitches, memorized the patterns, even played the “fighting” 2P game that came as a toss-in. Does it hold up QUITE as well on today’s standards? Not QUITE as well as River City Ransom, or later games in the genre like Streets of Rage, but still very good for the NES, and honestly, I could never fully adjust to the arcade after growing up on this version. For beat-’em ups, Double Dragon gets a high recommendation, and doesn’t go higher than that ONLY because that spot is reserved for River City Ransom and…Double Dragon 2.

Charlie Marsh: Gotta agree with my friend Mark. I don’t know about making the Baby Jesus cry, but no co-op mode is kind of a deal breaker for me. Although, it does eliminate the need for the final battle in the arcade game, in which Marion made Bimmy Billy and Jimmy fight to the death over her, which was kinda creepy. Anyway, playing this game by yourself can be fun, but it’s more fun with a friend, so if you have friends, wait for Double Dragon 2, if you don’t, get this game…and some friends.

Bryan Berg: OK, only one game is lame. But at least it’s not some import or a crappy game nobody cared about. Double Dragon works for me. I remember playing this game for Sega Master System and NES. I even figured out a trick for one of the NES Double Dragon games and sent it into Nintendo Power. Unfortunately, Agent #363’s cheat didn’t make it to print. Anyway, this is quite the coup for VC; between River City Ransom last week and Double Dragon this week, that’s $10 very well spent.

Alex Lucard: Dude, Double Dragon doesn’t NEED anything to be released alongside it. It’s Double Freaking Dragon. This, like RCR last week is a no brainer. For five dollars why WOULDN’T you download one of the best games ever made. Let’s just pretend the cartoon never happened. Or the movie. Or any game past III.

Guy Desmarais: I’ll have to agree with everybody. Only one game a week sucks. Even two is kinda lame. At that rate, the catalog of retro games we were promised for the service will not be completed before 2017. It’s not a scientific calculation, simply a grossly innacurate statement meant to illustrate my unhappiness. Still, if they’re going to release only one or two games a week, then they’re on the right path when it comes to the choice of games. Releases were stellar last week, and Double Dragon this week is only continuing the good streak. As much as I liked River City Ransom, in my mind, nobody beats up people as well as Billy Lee. Believe me, putting 5$ down on this one is a good decision. Still… if you only want ONE beat ’em up game, you might want to wait for Double Dragon 2. Kicking asses by yourself might be fun, but kicking asses with a friend is always better.

Nathan Birch: I may be escorted off the Diehard GameFAN premises for this sinful admission, but I didn’t care for Double Dragon on the NES in my youth. I first saw it at my buddy’s house and thought it looked pretty awesome as he was jump kicking the shit out of ruffians. Jump kicking is always awesome. So I was deeply disappointed when I rented it myself and my character seemed to be sorely lacking in the jump kick department. Young Nate didn’t put up with any “experience point” nonsense, if I couldn’t jump kick guys in the face straight out of the gate I didn’t want to play it. I’m sure the average Diehard GameFAN reader will be more tolerant than I was, but seriously…aren’t all 3 Streets of Rage games on the VC already? Now there’s a series that didn’t make you earn your jump kick.

Michaelangelo McCullar: If Jimmy Lee screams “Allez cuisine!!!” in this version then I’ll go buy a Wii tomorrow just to play this. (I wonder if that went over everyone but Lucard’s head.)

Well, as long as it’s not the beginning of a trend, I guess I can let the fact that it’s only one game this week slide. I hope the fact that they’ve been releasing good games the past few weeks IS the beginning of a trend though.






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