Staff Bio Week Eight – Matt Yeager

Serioiusly, how awesome is this picture?

Name: Matthew Yeager
Nicknames: Chick Magnet, Kazendar the Barbarian, Mad Dog, Jagermeister, Thrill Ride, and Alchoholic (though the last one might count as a title instead of a nickname).
Location: The hardcore streets of Minneapolis, MN. Midwest represent.

Three Favorite Genres:
-Survival Horror
-Light gun games
-Pinball games

Three Favorite Games:
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Area 51 (the light gun game)
Final Fire Pro Wrestling

Favorite Console:
Sony Playstation 2

Other Places Their Writing Can Be Found: Facebook, Livejournal, Myspace. All the usual places where you can find cyberstalkers.

Bio: At some point in a son’s life he comes to the realization that he’s better than his father at something, for Matt this came at an early age when he could beat his father in almost any Atari game. A little known fact, but at one point you could find Matt’s initials at the top of every high score list for the arcade game Marvel vs Capcom 2 in the Twin City area. Now he doesn’t even remember how to play the game. Matt lives with his wife, and they hope someday to be disappointing parents to some poor child.

Q & A

Alexander Lucard– As we are the only two Kliq members to hang out on a semi-regularly basis, what would you say is the stupidest thing we have ever gotten up to?

Matt– The thing I felt the dorkiest at would have to be either the wild and exciting Heroclix tournament at the Burnsville Mall, or the Pokemon Event at the MOA. I’m pretty sure we did something stupid with John and Summer and driving around with your car once as well, but I can’t remember.

ML Kennedy– Which would you rather play:
A. an RPG starring Futurama’s Bender
B. a dating sim starring MST3K’s Crow T. Robot
C. a Nintendogs style game where instead of dogs you raise Cenobites?

Matt– All of the above.

But mostly C. The cenobites would be adorable.

Dave Olvera- Which old Sega studio was your favorite?

Matt– Got me, I didn’t own a Sega system till the Dreamcast(I was poor). I played it at friends houses and the game I remember most fondly is Streets of Rage.

Bryan Verg -Has anyone ever bought you a shot of Jager just trying to be clever?

You know, because of your name.

Matt – Yes. I didn’t actually like Jag at first, but now I think it’s great. Though a lot of people think it’s funny to call me Jagermeister the first time they meet me, which unless it’s a hot chick, is a mistake.

A hot chick can call me Sunny McNo-Nuts and I’d be okay with it. I’m sexist.

Guy Desmarais– What’s the stupidest thing you have ever done in the name of gaming?

Matt– I looked forward to the release of Urban Chaos for the Playstation for months, reading previews and actually put a downpayment on the game. I was sixteen, living in a friends basement, poor as hell and shouldn’t have bought a $50 game anyway. It came out, bought it day one. It sucked. A lot.

So I took it out of the machine and broke it into pieces. I could’ve traded it in, or done something with it. I might as well have lit $50 on fire. Actually, that might’ve been more fun.

Misha– What are your top three “Video games to play with the missus”?

Halo 3
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
Mortal Kombat

Michael O’Reilly how many games do you think you’ve reviewed over your lifetime?

Matt– Over my lifetime? Christ if you include all the random stuff probably something like 60 games. Nothing like Lucard’s total.

Frederick Badlissi– When I think of your last name, I invariably thing of a certain drink that begins with a deceptive J, rather than a US-English-complicit Y. Was this ever an issue for you?

Matt– Nope. Helps people figure out how to pronounce my last name though (sounds exactly the same).

Our staff seems to enjoy Jagermeister.

Mark B.– How many of the games on the Worst Horror Countdown did you actually PLAY?

I know you played the ones YOU wrote about but I’m curious how many you played out of the ones I did.

Matt– (Mark is referring to The Best Feature Done Ever In The History of Anything. No bias at all. I think I played 21 out of the 32.

Chuck Platt Why are you so awesome?

Matt– Because I can lactate out of my third nipple.







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