Staff Bio Week 6 – Lee Baxley

Name: Lee Baxley
Nicknames: FLee, FLeedawg, The Bad Guy
Location: Tulsa, OK

Three Favorite Genres:
Role Playing Games
Driving Games
Massively Multiplayer Online games

Favorite Console: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Three Favorite Games:
Final Fantasy IV (SNES/PS1)
Super Metroid (SNES)
Actraiser (SNES)

Bio: Lee Baxley has been gaming since the early days of consoles, but didn’t get really hooked until the NES came out. He lost his Nintendo fanboyism during the N64 days, and switched alliegences to Sony’s Playstation. He is now firmly a neutral party and will play only what he likes. His claim to fame is working as a desktop support tech for 2015, and even has his name in the credits of Men of Valor. Because of this experience, he has a slightly different perspective on the gaming industry than most gaming journalists.


1. Alex Lucard – What are the best and worst anime series themed games you have ever played?

Easily, the best games based on an anime for me would have to be Record of Lodoss War. Even though I hated the voice acting, the game itself was a lot of fun, and I miss it dearly. I also liked the .hack series to a point, but that doesn’t count because the game and anime were produced at the same time and one wasn’t really based off the other. I also remember playing some of Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak, and it was really cute.

On the other end of the spectrum, most anime-based games simply look or sound bad, so I try to avoid them. I played the demo of Dyantasy Warriors Gundam and had absolutely no fun at all. I don’t get why people eat up all these DBZ and Naruto games that just look like the same regurgitated crap every single time.

2. ML Kennedy – Were you to have the powers of Kirby, whom would you eat and why?

I’d eat everyone. And poop them out. And giggle. And repeat.

3. Dave – Favorite snack food?

I honestly don’t really snack much. Though if I had to pick, I’d say chips. Sour Cream and Onion Baked Lays have been my favorite as of late.

4. Guy – Are you really that much of a drunkard? And while we’re on the subject, what’s your favorite alcoholic beverage? And while we’re on the subject again, do you have any fun stories of drunk gaming?

No, I actually drink very little. I used to drink more often, but now I can’t drink heavily unless someone else is also drinking heavily. I can’t be the only drunk. As for a favorite, I’d go with Jack and Coke, all the way. And the only drunk gaming memory I have is playing DDR. I was very, very drunk, and I was dancing on the pad (and it was my first time to do so). My opponent was stone sober, and playing with a gamepad. And I still kicked his ass.

5. Misha – Rate the following in order of preference


All are awesome. Very much so. I would go with Kitties, Beer, then Guns.

As an aside, it’s a joke amongst my friends here that my perfect MMORPG would only involve kitties and crafting. And I don’t argue with them, because that would be very awesome.

6. Michaelangelo – You’ve been given carte blanche to resurrect a dead franchise. Which one would it be, and what would you do to improve it?

That’s putting me on the spot. I’m sure if I were given time, I could think of plenty of them. The one that comes to mind immediately would be Actraiser. I love the original so much and can go back and play it over and over, so I would love to see a new game in that series (more like the first and not the second please!). And of course, I wouldn’t mind a new Chrono game, but I’m sure Square is planning on making one at SOME point considering that’s what many fans want.

7. Matt – If you could work for one developmental company which would it be? On the flip side is there a company you would not want to work for ever?

Good question. If I had the option of working at any game studio, it would probably be either Blizzard or Zenimax Online (Bethsoft). Since the most likely job I would get would be writing or design, I’d like to work for a company that is known for their ability to craft worlds, places that have substance AND style.

The LAST place on my list would be pretty much any studio working under EA. They are in the business of churning out game after game, and often cut corners and rush things, so I wouldn’t want to be involved in something like that. Though working for Will Wright wouldn’t be so bad because that mofo is creative.

8. Bryan – What appeals to you most about anime?

I like anime for many reasons. For one, when compared to current American animation, Japanese animation is just so vastly superior. I also like how there are many shows that appeal to my wacky tastes. I like boobies and blood, so there’s Elfen Lied, which has both in spades. I like wacky, off the wall comedy, so I have Excel Saga. And I like harems, so I can watch Love Hina…or pretty much about half the anime series out there. Plus, there are so many good stories out there. Stories that span the entire series, whereas most American animation has each episode be a single story, and they rarely continue into the next, so there’s no real conclusion. Plus, most American shows are only about selling toys, which has been the case for as long as I remember. Finally, there’s no fan service in American cartoons!

9. Mark – What fighting game character do you think you could most easily take in a fight?

Probably the kid from Earthbound/Mother who is in the Smash Brothers games. I’d so kick that little kid in the face.

I wouldn’t mind getting into a fight with Chun Li or Mai, so they could kick my ass any day. That would make me happy.

10. Fred – Complete this SAT-style analogy: “________ is to (publisher of your choice), as the Mc Rib is to Mc Donalds.”

That’s a hard one, because some people think that the McRib is a wonderful thing, but I think it’s the spawn of the devil. So to answer the question, obviously EA.







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