Staff Bio: Week 4 – Chuck Platt

Name: Chuck Platt
Nicknames: Fuzz, Weeze, Dr. AIDS, Discotheque, Doctor Discotheque, Super Giant Ninja
Location: Liberty, MO

3 Favorite Genres:

1) Dungeon Crawls
2) Tactical RPG’s
3) Wrestling games

3 Favorite Games:

1) Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves
2) Ikaruga
3) Gunstar Heroes

Favorite Console: Sega Dreamcast

Bio: Born on a Merchant Marine vessel headed towards the Micronesian Islands to a whore and a pirate, Chuck Platt was destined to review video games. Raised on a steady diet of white rice, professional wrestling, and video games a few years past their prime, Chuck became addicted to Contra and Gradius. Sadly, young Chuck discovered that the glow from the TV was not love, as he previously thought, but instead fatal radiation. After losing both legs and his left nostril to radiation poisoning, Chuck laid in bed for a decade, doing nothing but reading video game magazines. With the dream of becoming the World’s Greatest Video Game Journalist burning in his chest, Chuck looked down at his stumps only to discover he, in fact, possessed all of his appendages. Apparently, the author was only lazy. Now poised to destroy all the fake gamers, Chuck is loosed upon the world. Gods have mercy on our souls.


1- ML Kennedy

Choose one to marry, one to fuck, one to stab: Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Cooking Mama

Marry Cooking Mama, Fuck Peach, and Stab Zelda. Cooking Mama can make me that sweet sushi goodness, Peach has DSL, and Zelda is obviously a lesbian.

2 – Alexander Lucard

Which tabletop RPG do you feel has been best converted into a video game? Which do you think has been the worst?

Well, AD&D, via the Baldur’s Gate series, was the best approximation of the old school hack and slash dungeon crawl of my mis-spent youth. Shadowrun for the 360, being a FPS and sucking so very, very hard. It makes me cry that such a cool franchise has seen it’s end in such an awful manner.

3 – Bryan Berg

What are the best and worst controllers of all time?

Best controller of all time: SNES Pad
Worst controller of all time: The original NES pad, after switching to a dog bone, it’s impossible to go back to the old one.

4 – Aaron Sirois

Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo?

5 – Charlie Marsh

Who would you rather face in a fight to the death: Ryu from Street Fighter or Ryu from Ninja Gaiden?

Street Fighter. I would rather get beaten up than sliced in half.

6 – Matt Yaeger

If videogame characters existed in an alternate dimension, died, and then reincarnated in this dimension, which videogame character would you have been in a past life?

I was Bub from Bubble Bobble, Duck King from Fatal Fury, a Barrel from Donkey Kong, and Bio-Force Ape.

7 – Guy Desmarais

Do you play rhythm games, and if so, what song are you the best at? In other words, what song would you play/dance to in a rhythm game if you wanted to show off to your friends?

I love the Karaoke Revolution games and play them with my wife, sister in law, and niece quite often. My jam is “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. I will kill anyone at that song. A close second is the Whitesnake classic, “Here I Go Again”, which I am pretty boss at.

8 – Frederick Badlissi

If you could pick any historical event out of non-US history and turn it into a game,
A) What would the event be?
B) What would the game type be? and;
C) What version would play best: the Dreamcast or SNES version?

The Anglo-Zulu War, with the caveat that I want some insane Japanese company to develop it with like dragons and magic and zaniness. It would have to be something horribly inappropriate, like a turn based Ogre Tactics style RPG with crazy magic spells. Dreamcast vs. SNES is a trick question: the SNES wersion would have zero load times but the Dreamcast would have an awesome soundtrack entirely in Dutch.

9 – Misha

What’s your favourite video game explosion?

Pre-Cambrian? No, I’ll go with… the boss at the end of stage one of Gradius.







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