Virtual Console Wrap-Up – March 10th Releases

Most people say Monday is the worst day of the week. These people clearly don’t own a Wii.

As we all know, Monday is the day Nintendo releases its’ newest Virtual Console titles. And when it comes to Virtual Console titles, we here at Diehard GameFAN have got you covered. Our staff has many, many lifetimes of gaming experience to fall back on, which means that when it comes to the games of yesteryear, we know our stuff. Each Tuesday, check with GameFAN to see the latest additions to the Virtual Console, along with recollections from the staff for each game.

This week, we have two new titles… and both are imports. Whoops. So much for that whole recollections thing. However, two of our guys have risen to the occasion this week and discussed the new releases: Bryan Berg and Guy Desmarais. Let’s take a look at this week’s offerings…

DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure
Genre: Platformer
System: Super Famicom
Release Date: March 22, 1996 (Japan Only)
Price: 900 Wii Points

Bryan: DoReMi Fantasy sounds like a cross between a Mario game and Bubble Bobble. From what I’ve read, it’s one of the top platformers released for the Super Famicom and would be recognized as a classic if it had ever come to America. This game sounds interesting as hell and I just might have to give it a try.

Guy: As a platformer-lover, you can bet that I will try DoReMi Fantasy. After all, it is the sequel to the NES game “Milon’s Secret Castle”, which was good enough in its own right. However, the sequel is supposed to be so good that it is considered a classic in its home country. I have no choice now: I want to know if this game truly is the masterpiece that importers and emulation junkies have hyped it to be.

Puyo Puyo 2
Genre: Puzzle
System: Mega Drive
Release Date: December 2, 1994 (Japan Only)
Price: 900 Wii Points

Bryan: Hey, I’ve heard of this game! At least that’s something to hang my hat on. Apparently, we’ve seen the original Puyo Puyo in America under the alias of Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. That was a fun one. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see this series as nature intended it – as in, without it being Americanized. Something tells me I’ll like this one more than the Mean Bean Machine.

Guy: Kirby Avalanche was apparently a rip-off of this game. I love Kirby Avalanche. Not that I have enough money to buy anything that comes out (DoReMi Fantasy wins this week), but if I had, I’m pretty sure this would be on my to-buy list. As far as puzzle games go, that concept is near the top of my list.

Sounds like we’ve been blessed with two sweet games this week! Unfortunately, they’re two sweet games that share a rather unfortunate release date – just about everybody who has a Wii is playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl right now. Still, these games will be waiting for us when we’re done beating the crap out of each other. As for those of you who missed out on Brawl, check these new titles out on Virtual Console! We’ll be back in one week with a look at the next batch of VC releases.






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