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  • What’s Worth Keeping…On the Nintendo Game Boy Advance?

    Here we are with our fifth installment of “What’s Worth Keeping?” As always the point of this is to help me pare down my collection to just twenty games per system. In the previous column we did on the Nintendo DS, I mentioned I couldn’t think of even twenty games on the DS that I […]

  • What’s Worth Keeping…on the Nintendo DS?

    Welcome back to the fourth installment of “What’s Worth Keeping?” where we help me pare my game collection down to twenty games per system. After all, I own pretty much every system, handheld or console out there and there’s no chance of me ever playing all of these games again, so it make sense to […]

  • What’s Worth Keeping…on the Sony PlayStation (PSX/PS1/PSOne)?

    What’s Worth Keeping…on the Sony PlayStation? (PSX/PSOne) We know it by many names. Older gamers refer to it as the PSX while younger gamers know it as the PSOne or PS1 because in 2003 Sony actually released a system called the PSX that tanked like the 32X. Whatever you call it, the Sony PlayStation really […]

  • What’s Worth Keeping…on the Microsoft Xbox?

    Two weeks ago I did the first “What’s Worth Keeping” column, with an emphasis on the Nintendo Wii. It hit decently but oddly didn’t generate the conversation I had hoped it would. There was more of a comment trail on my Facebook than on the actual piece itself, which I found odd. Still, the original […]

  • What’s Worth Keeping? Issue 1: The Nintendo Wii

    Almost two years ago I did a one-off test column called “What’s Worth Keeping” and started with the Nintendo Wii. It did extremely well in terms of hits, social media response and starting a conversation between myself and reader. Well, I never did get to do more than the one-shot because I was so damn […]