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  • Review: Two Worlds II (Sony PlayStation 3)

    The first Two Worlds was universally panned. Will its sequel meet the same fate?

  • Hands-on Preview: nail’d

    In retrospect, informing the PR rep of the publisher that I would “beat her like a bongo” didn’t seem so cool after the sixth time she shut me out. The game is still fun, though.

  • Southpeak Looks To Fill “Untapped” Education Game Market With Tap and Teach Series

    Southpeak Interactive, who are known more for games like Two Worlds II and nail’d, will start publishing more educational games starting in November, after noticing what CEO Melanie Mroz called a “large untapped market”. Southpeak will publish Tap and Teach: The Story of Noah’s Ark will be the first in the Tap and Teach series, […]

  • Hands-On Preview: Two Worlds II

    The first Chris and I heard of Two Worlds 2 was back in May, where we got to see an early build of nail’d and the PSP version of TNA Impact, where Aubrey Norris of Southpeak talked enthusiastically about it and extolled its improvement from the original. At our most recent meetup with Southpeak, we […]

  • Hands-On Preview: nail’d

    Back in May, Aileen wrote a preview on a very early build of nail’d which was being touted as a very fast, arcade-y racing game that took all pretences to realism and threw them into the wastebin. It was intended at the time as being the antidote for more realistic games like Gran Turismo and […]

  • Hands-On Preview: TNA iMPACT Cross The Line (Sony PSP)

    Recently, Aileen Coe and I went to a conference call with SouthPeak to check out a few of their new games. They had two they wanted to show us: one, Aileen will be able to tell you more about, but the second one is the next Total Nonstop Action game, TNA iMPact Cross The Line […]

  • Review: Sushi Go Round (Nintendo Wii)

    Sushi Go Round Developer: Southpeak Games Publisher: Southpeak Games Genre: Casual/Simulation Release Date: 03/30/10 The porting of internet Flash games onto consoles and portables appears to have become a trend, as Line Rider 2 received such treatment on the DS and Wii. Both versions were summarily panned. Sushi Go Round started out as a flash […]

  • Review: Crime Scene (Nintendo DS)

    Crime Scene Publisher: SouthPeak Games Developer: White Birds Productions Genre: Adventure Release Date: 02/16/2010 At this point, I’m clearly no stranger to detective games on the DS. It all started when I played Hotel Dusk. After the awesomeness that was that game, I was ready and willing to play any any other detective game just […]