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  • Grand Theft Auto V Officially Announced

    Rockstar’s website has revealed that Grand Theft Auto V is officially in the works (like this was never going to happen). No other information has been released, except that a trailer will be released on November 2.

  • Two Rockstar Executives Resign

    It has been learned that the head of Rockstar London, Mark Washbrook, resigned earlier this month. Also leaving the company was Mark Lloyd, the head of Rockstar Lincoln. Mr. Washbrook’s most notable work with Rockstar was 2007 release Manhunt 2. He is also credited on Nintendo’s Batallion Wars as well as Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior…

  • Review: Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360)

    Red Dead Redemption Publisher: Rockstar Games Developer: Rockstar San Diego Genre: Action/Adventure Release Date: 05/18/2010 I’m going to start out by saying that, unlike the rest of the world, Rockstar titles have never intrigued me all that much. Still reading? Okay, good. Perhaps it is because both hype and controversy tend to mask what really…

  • Review: Beaterator (Sony PSP)

    Beaterator Genre: Music Creation Tool Developer: Rockstar Leeds Publisher: Rockstar Games Release Date: 09/29/2009 Every once in a while Rockstar will take a break from its proven franchises to take a unique genre in a new, ambitious direction. This is perhaps when I enjoy the company the most as evidenced by the stellar outing the…

  • Screens: Max Payne 3 (360/PS3)

    Screens: Max Payne 3 (360/PS3) Developer: Rockstar Publisher: Rockstar Genre: Action Release Date: