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  • Review: Red Faction: Guerrilla (Microsoft Xbox 360)

    Name: Red Faction: Guerrilla Developer: Volition Publisher: THQ Genre: Third Person Shooter Release Date: 06/02/2009 A while back, I had the opportunity do some demo thoughts on Red Faction: Guerrilla. I thought it was quite a fun little open world shooter that had the chance to really impress or badly underwhelm when it finally hit […]

  • Review: Puzzle Kingdoms (Nintendo DS)

    Puzzle Kingdoms Developer: Infinite Interactive Publisher: Zoo Games Genre: Puzzle Release Date: 05/04/09 When this game came in, a fellow staff member claimed that it left him wanting to yank off a certain part of his anatomy and gouge his eyes out with it. That description of hyperbolic self mutilation left me eying the game […]

  • Review: Boom Blox Bash Party (Nintendo Wii)

    Boom Blox Bash Party Genre: Puzzle Developer: EA Los Angeles Publisher: Electronic Arts Release Date: 05/19/2009 When the gaming world heard the news that EA was partnering with Steven Spielberg, a collective gasp was heard. One of the most creative minds on the planet teaming up with one of the largest software makers in gaming? […]

  • Review: Battlestrike: Western and Eastern Front (PC)

    Battlestrike: Western and Eastern Front Genre: First Person Shooter Developer: City Interactive Publisher: City Interactive Release Date: 04/07/2009

  • Review: Grand Ages: Rome (PC)

    Grand Ages: Rome Developer: Haemimont Games Publisher: Viva Media Genre: Real Time Strategy Release Date: 03/17/2009

  • Review: Coraline (Nintendo Wii)

    Coraline Developer: Papaya Studio Corporation Publisher: D3 Genre: Adventure Release Date: 01/27/2009

  • Review: The Political Machine 2008 (PC)

    The Political Machine 2008 Genre: Turn-based Strategy Developer: Stardock Publisher: Stardock Release Date: 06/17/2008

  • Review: Euroleague Basketball Manager (PC)

    U-Play should be ashamed that this title hit store shelves in it’s current state. The lack of quality apparent in this game is inexcusable.

  • Review: Cocoto Racer (Nintendo DS)

    Cocoto Racers Genre: Driving Developer: Neko Publisher: Midway Release Date: October 19th 2007 Stepping from the ranks, another challenger to the Mario Kart crown. Can cute little demons succeed where other have failed? Well, consider that the Box Art and the Title Screen disagree on what the game’s title is (either the box has an […]