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  • Playstation Store Update For January 7, 2014: Don’t Starve Comes to PS4, Free For Plus

    This week the Playstation Store update is on the lighter side, with only a handful of new games hitting the online marketplace.

  • PSN Playstation Store Update For 08.23.11: Street Fighter III: Third Strike, NHL ’12 Demo, Hamilton’s Great Adventure

    Sony has done its weekly update for Playstation Network content, and after a couple slow weeks, it has some heavy hitters. Check out the store for Street Figher 3: Third Strike, the NHL ’12 demo and much more!

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up (Quick Wrap) for July 13th, 2010

    Due to me covering an event being run by Electronic Arts in NYC tomorrow afternoon, I don’t have the time to do a complete wrap-up for the PSN this week. The full update is below the cut. Please note, before spending any money, that Alex Lucard will be reviewing DeathSpank, and that this week’s Playstation […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for July 6th, 2010

    Late, late, LATE update this week, but that’s what happens when you referee roller hockey in 100F heat. Oh well, to quote Carlin, let’s do a fucking show, huh? There are two downloadable releases for the PS3, and neither one is a big deal. The biggest name is Family Feud. This is like any other […]

  • Playstation Network/Firmware Update Wrap-Up for June 29th, 2010

    Last week seems like it was so long ago. Way back then, I was simultaneously bitching and praising the fact that the PSN update for that week sucked. There was just nothing of note at all, to the point where I actually broke out The Brave Little Toaster to express how bad it sucked. I […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for June 22nd, 2010

    I decided to take last week off, partly because of E3, and partly because of burnout. I have to admit, these things are a bitch to do, especially the Microsoft piece because they all have demos to play. It usually takes most of my evenings, and I just needed a break. Thankfully, Grace Chen, who […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for June 8

    I like easy weeks. Most weeks, I have a lot to talk about, good or bad. This is one of those weeks where I can’t really get too excited about anything, despite the fact we have a very big-name PSP release. Niiiiiiiice and easy… which I like, considering I started this last night, came back […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for June 1st, 2010

    It’s heading into June, and that means one thing for me personally: roller hockey season is starting up again. This is a good thing for me because it keeps me sharp (as a referee) until it’s time for ice hockey to start up again, the money’s not bad, and it keeps me in shape throughout […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for May 25th, 2010

    This is one of those weeks that just pisses me off. Seriously, I don’t mind a bad content week. Even if that was the case this time around, they happen, and really, last week’s update was so awesome that it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Besides, it’s not like Sony’s pulling a Nintendo and forgetting a […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for May 18th, 2010

    I spend a lot of time here bitching about demos. More specifically, I bitch about the lack of demos. It’s to the point where I have friends that go “OK asshole, we get it. You want the PSN to include more demos. You also don’t like the Wii. Back off it.” I don’t know if […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for May 12th, 2010

    It would have been foolhardy for people to expect another update as amazing as last week’s. No matter what your preferred genre is, there was something for you then unless you weren’t a PSP owner. This week, things come back to normal a bit, though there’s certainly enough goodies this week, especially for racing fans. […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for May 4th, 2010

    So, funny story: all week since Thursday, I’ve been telling myself that I have to remember that the Playstation Network update is on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays. I kept saying it to myself over and over again, up until Tuesday, when I promptly forgot it until about 9:30PM EST and went “OH SHIT THE PLAYSTATION […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for April 29th, 2010

    I have officially declared Grace Chen my nemesis. She not only screws up my schedule, she taunts me while doing so. While a layperson would say “Chris, she has no idea who the hell you are” and “will you stop listening to those voices in your head?”, I know. Oh, I know! First, her Playstation […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for April 22nd, 2010

    Normally, I judge these updates on the games that come out. If more good games come out than bad games, I give it a thumbs up, and vice versa. But one would notice that I almost never talk about auxiliary things like downloadable content or premium themes unless something is significant. My focus is more […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for April 15th, 2010

    Being self-employed has its perks. You’re independent. You determine your workload. You don’t have to waste your life away in a cubicle, unable to listen to even a shitty Top 40 station at inaudible levels because some harpy four cubes down who hasn’t gotten laid since Michael Jackson did Rock With You doesn’t think it […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for April 8th, 2010

    I apologize for not being around last week. It was a tumultuous week. I ended up attending the funeral for the Install Other OS feature, which was attended by most of the biggest names in the Linux community, including the immortal Richard Stallman. Technically, he didn’t attend so much as stand across the street screaming […]

  • Playstation Network Update for April 1st, 2010

    Due to some time and personal constraints, I won’t be able to do a full PSN update this week. I sincerely apologize for anyone that reads these to get my our feedback on the weekly downloads, and promise that we will return in force next week. The only thing I really have to say is […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for March 25th, 2010

    How hard is it to make a God damn demo? Microsoft – for all the evil crap they do in every facet of their company, including the XBox division – requires that a demo of every game be made live with the game. This is a good thing! Even though their hard drives were specifically […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for March 18th, 2010

    Last week’s PSN update was lacklustre in terms of big names. Outside of Mega Man 10, there wasn’t really much to move the needle. This week is no better; in fact, if this was a wrestling match, the crowd would be doing a “BORING” chant. In terms of sexiness, this isn’t the update for most […]

  • Playstation Network Wrap-Up for March 11th, 2010

    I’m going to let our readers in on a little secret: trying to do these things in a reader-friendly manner is a pain in the ass. I do two weekly wrap-ups: this one, and the Nintendo Wrap as well. Each one carries it’s own set of issues. The Sony piece usually gets done in a […]