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  • Microsoft: Kinect Shortages Not Managed

    In response to Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter accusing both Microsoft and Sony of “managing” (read: lying about) shortages of Kinect and Move, Microsoft’s Neil Thompson, Xbox manager in the UK and Ireland, told GamesIndustry.biz (reg required) that this simply was not the case. Anyone who actually works in the business of producing new technology, especially […]

  • Sony Boasts About Move Shipments, Games Press Falls For It

    Sony has sent out a press release crowing about their strong shipments of their Move controller, stating that they have sold 4.1m units, and sending a statement to Industry Gamers boasting about the “incredible demand” for the device while pointing out the momentum that the company has heading into Christmas. “Heading into the home stretch […]

  • Pachter: Microsoft, Sony Fibbing On Kinect/Move Shortages

    Both Microsoft and Sony have been applying pressure on consumers in a simple, yet historically effective manner: by letting them know if they didn’t get their devices right now, that they would not get them for Christmas, which could lead to crying children who would be scarred for life. Frankly, I didn’t buy it, and […]