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  • Diehard GameCAST: Episode 18

    This week we tackle Resident Evil 6, PS2’s cancelled Kama Sutra game, and how Metacritic is being used for job applications.

  • Review: Heroes of Ruin (Nintendo 3DS)

    Heroes of Ruin Genre: Action RPG Developer: n-space Publisher: Square Enix Release Date: 07/17/12 You’d think that the Diablo style of hack-and-slash would do fairly well in the console market, but such is often not the case. You’ll see the odd success story, like Champions of Norath, pop up now and again, but most games…

  • E3 2012 Impressions: Heroes of Ruin (Nintendo 3DS)

    I didn’t know much about Heroes of Ruin prior to stepping up to the kiosk to play, aside from the fact that it was some form of RPG. And since the 3DS is in desperate need of them right now, I’ll take whatever I can get. If I could summarize the experience in two words,…