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  • E3 2015 Trailer: Final Fantasy VII Remake (Sony PlayStation 4)

    After years and YEARS of fans pleading (and years after showing that ridiculous PS3 tech demo), Square Enix have finally caved in and announced a remake to the beloved Final Fantasy VII. The trailer doesn’t show much other than it’s going to be visually appealing and there’s almost nothing known about it other than it…

  • Diehard GameCAST: Episode 17

    We discuss a myriad of news topics this week including achievements possibly awarding Microsoft points, Europe ruling that digital games can be resold, and the Ryan Perez controversy.

  • Review: Final Fantasy VII (PS3/PSP)

    Final Fantasy VII Developer: Squaresoft Publisher: Squaresoft Genre: Turn-Based RPG Re-Release Date On PSN: 6/01/2009 Earlier this year I got the opportunity to review Suikoden after it was released on the PSN. Today I get to review a game I had some fond memories of but haven’t touched in over five years. I got another…