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  • Disney Interactive Conducts “Significant” Layoffs

    CNBC reports that Disney Interactive has become the victim of a large amount – possibly half of the division’s 700 employees – of layoffs. The company confirmed to

  • Disney Interactive’s Graham Hopper Resigns

    VentureBeat reports that Graham Hopper, General Manager of Disney Interactive, put in his resignation on Monday, signalling an end to his almost nine years in charge of that branch of the company. Mr. Hopper’s responsibilities will be taken over by John Pleasants, who was put over Mr. Hopper when the previous president of Disney Interactive…

  • Review: Toy Story 3 (Sony PS3)

    Toy Story 3 Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios Developer: Avalanche Software Genre: Action Release Date: 06/15/2010

  • Review: Toy Story 3 (360)

    Toy Story 3 Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios Developer: Avalanche Software Genre: Platformer Release Date: 06/15/2010 The Toy Story movie trilogy has been praised as one of the best group of films ever made, so it’s only natural that each movie would have some form of video game tie-in. Toy Story 3 has arrived, and distinguishes…

  • Review: Alice in Wonderland (Nintendo DS)

    Alice in Wonderland Publisher: Disney Interactive Developer: Disney Interactive Genre: Action/Adventure Release Date: 03/02/2010

  • Disney Guilty Party Brings Mystery Party Game To Nintendo Wii

    Disney has announced a new Wii Party game – Disney Guilty Party First Screenshot: Full Press Release: DISNEY INTERACTIVE STUDIOS ANNOUNCES ORIGINAL MYSTERY PARTY GAME – DISNEY GUILTY PARTY Players will uncover clues to deduce the identity of the culprit in the family friendly whodunit video game exclusively for Wii BURBANK, Calif. – (February 24,…

  • Review: Up (Sony PS3)

    Up Developer: THQ Publisher: THQ Genre: Platformer Release Date: 05/26/09 Movie and TV show tie-ins seem to be my thing to review lately. Between Terminator: Salvation and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Wheelie Breakers and the upcoming Transformers Revenge of the Fallen I’ve taken on quite a few of these recently. So far they’ve been ho-hum and could…

  • E3 2009 Screens: Spectrobes: Origins (Nintendo Wii)

    E3 2009 Screens: Spectrobes: Origins (Wii) Developer: Disney Interactive Studios Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios Genre: Action Release Date: 2009 Spectrobes: Origins brings the successful series to Wii with a new story that reveals secrets from the past through flashbacks of significant events. Spectrobes: Origins has detailed three-dimensional graphics on the television and all new gameplay…

  • Review: Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (PS2)

    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Developer: Jupiter Corp Publisher: Square-Enix Genre: Role Playing Release Date: 12/02/2008