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  • Diehard BaseballFAN Week 6

    For a change of pace this week, I asked Guy a question that I too will answer…

  • Diehard BaseballFAN: Week 5

    Guy Desmarais It is now official. I am hooked on baseball gaming. Real baseball has yet to take a hold of me, but it’s getting there.

  • Diehard BaseballFAN Weeks 3&4

    After a delay due to rain out, Diehard BaseballFAN is back for a fourth week of America’s Pastime. With the month of April almost over, the season is heating up and Diehard BaseballFAN will be here every week with all the disturbed ramblings you rely on us for.

  • Diehard BaseballFAN: Week 2

    Welcome to the second week of Diehard BaseballFAN! The first week of the baseball season was an eventful one, with triumph and tragedy, upsets and surprises. Here is the DHBF Bullpen‘s take on the week that was.

  • Diehard BaseballFAN Week 1

    From Opening Day Until the Kansas City Royals Win the World Series! (Or one of the other teams, I guess…)