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  • Tabletop Review: Ashen Stars: Dead Rock Seven

    Dead Rock Seven Publisher: Pelgrane Press PELGA02 Release Date: 10/6/2011 Page Count: 144 Price: $24.95 softcover/$14.95 pdf Get it Here: DriveThruRPG.com WHAT IS IT? Set of four substantial adventures for the Ashen Stars RPG. OVERVIEW Released at the same time as Ashen Stars, Dead Rock Seven gives GMs a diverse set of adventures. These sci-fi […]

  • Tabletop Review: Ashen Stars

    Ashen Stars Publisher: Pelgrane Press PELGA01 Release Date: 10/06/2011 Page Count: 298 Price: $44.95 hardcover/$24.95 pdf Get it Here: DriveThruRPG.com WHAT IS IT? A complete sci-fi rpg where players solve problems in the Bleed, the dangerous frontier of colonized space. AMONG THE ASHEN STARS Ashen Stars is unabashedly space opera, but also borrows from nearly […]