Tag: arcade

  • Review: Ubergridder (Microsoft Xbox 360)

    What happens when you take Pac-Man, take out the things that make it so timeless, and throw it on the Indie service for $1? Pretty much what you’d think.

  • Review: Namco Museum MegaMix (Wii)

    If Namco’s good for anything, it’s rehashing their games from the 80s. A.J. Hess tells us if this one’s any good.

  • Review: The Shadows of the Underworld (Microsoft Xbox 360)

    The Shadows of The Underworld Developer: Totabiento Publisher: Xbox Live Arcade Genre: Shooter Release Date: 03/30/10 Video games have long given tribute to the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Every tentacle-faced monster is, in its way, saluting his works of horror. Very few games have outright made non-Euclidean geometry and Cthonic fears the entire point of…

  • Review: Scrap Metal (Microsoft Xbox 360)

    Scrap Metal Publisher: Xbox Live Arcade Developer: Slick Entertainment Genre: Arcade Racing Release Date: 03/10/2010 There is something buried deep in the gamer’s psyche. A love of racing games and a love of shooters overlaps in most of us, with an equation that I imagine looks something like this: Cars equal cool, Guns equal cool,…

  • Review: Arkanoid Live! 360 Arcade

    Arkanoid Live! Genre: Puzzle Developer: Taito Corporation Publisher: Microsoft Release Date: 05/06/2009 Years ago, man would thrust tiny metal symbols into brightly-lit, uncaring machines for his gaming joy. Designed to separate quarters from humans as fast as possible, arcades of that era were home to simplistic graphics, rapid gameplay, and unforgiving difficulty. Into that grinder,…

  • Review: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (Microsoft Xbox 360)

    Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Developer: Backbone Entertainment Publisher: Capcom USA Genre: Fighting Release Date: 11/25/08