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  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs Takes Leave Of Absence

    Apple’s iconic CEO Steve Jobs has taken a medical leave of absence, according to an email sent to staff at Apple and confirmed on their website. The media advisory has a copy of the email Mr. Jobs sent to his employees: Apple CEO Steve Jobs today sent the following email to all Apple employees: Team, […]

  • Sony Stock Boosted By Idiotic Apple Rumours

    Remember that load of bollocks I reported on yesterday about Apple being rumoured into buying large companies like Sony? The result of that speculation is a potential reason as to why we’re in a recession* right now: the markets reacted to it. According to Rueters (via Destructoid), at one point today, Sony stock was up […]

  • Michael Pachter: Apple Should Stick To What They Know

    Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has responded to the speculation that Apple should purchase a company like Sony or Electronic Arts by actually agreeing with my analysis for a change: Apple shouldn’t bother with videogame companies. “I don’t think a video game company acquisition makes sense… if they make an acquisition, they are far more […]

  • News: Apple Rumoured To Buy Sony, Electronic Arts By Naff Tossers

    I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Last week, Steve Jobs hinted that his company, with $51bn USD in the kitty, was looking to strategically expand into more opportunities to broaden their appeal. Usually when a CEO says this, it’s code for “we’re going on a shopping spree”, and all that people could do […]

  • News: Fils-Aime: Apple Bigger Threat Than Microsoft To Nintendo

    Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime is known to be candid about his thoughts, and he’s recently gone on record as stating who he thinks the biggest threat to Nintendo’s market share is. Talking to Forbes, Mr. Fils-Aime stated that Apple – and not Microsoft – is a bigger threat to his company’s position. “Do I […]