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  • Review: Valkyrie Profile (PSX)

    This review is actually a reprint from an original RETROGRADING Column from 06.04.04. It was the issue in which I unveiled my #1 game on the Top 30 Countdown and with the review of VP2: Silmeria going live today, it made sense to travel back in time 2.5 years (holy crap!) and show newer readers […]

  • RETROGRADING 06.04.04

    #1. Valkyrie Profile Developed by: Tri-Ace Published by: Enix Release Date 08/29/2000 Systems Released On: Sony Playstation Probably not a surprise to long time readers. Although I have a feeling a lot of you haven’t played it and some probably haven’t heard of it although it was released Stateside. Now I only know two people […]

  • Retrograding 01.28.03

    Let’s see, first off I was in Stratford-upon-Avon this weekend. Nice little town. Probably the best I’ve seen in the UK so far. And not just because of Shakespeare. Anyways, I had one of my Spider-Sense tingling, like when I found FF Tactics and the Strategy guide for sale for $20 in a little down […]