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  • Review: Sega Superstars Tennis (Nintendo Wii)

    Sega Superstars Tennis Publisher: Sega Developer: Sumo Digital Genre: Sports Release Date: 3/19/2008 I’ve always been a fan of Sega Sports games. They’ve always been superior to whatever EA puts out. In fact, Sega’s last foray into an NFL licensed game was superior to Madden in every way and less than half the cost. EA […]

  • Review: House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return (Nintendo Wii)

    House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return Publisher: Sega Developer: AM 1/Wow Entertainment Genre: Light Gun Shooter Release Date: 03/12/2008 You know, it’s funny. Out of all of Sega’s franchises, HoTD is one of the few that I love that HASN’T been ruined by Sammy. Phantasy Star, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shining Force, and more […]

  • Review: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo Wii)

    <Super Smash Bros. Brawl Genre: Fighting Developer: Sora/HAL Laboratory Publisher: Nintendo Release Date: 03/09/2008 What is arguably the most hyped game of this generation has finally been released. If you’re a long-time Nintendo fan, chances are that this game has been dancing in your dreams from the day it was first announced. March 9th 2008 […]

  • Review: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo Wii)

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl Publisher: Nintendo Developer: HAL Labs Genre: Fighting Release Date: 3/09/2008 It’s out! What is arguably the most anticipated game of this generation of gaming. This game has had more hype and fanboys salivating over its release than Halo, Fable, or any other game that has had a crazy ass gigantic marketing […]

  • Review: Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and Tower of Mirrors (Nintendo Wii)

    Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and Tower of Mirrors (Wii) Publisher: Square-Enix Developer: Genius Sonority Inc. Genre: Action RPG Release Date:2/20/2008 Wow. I’m reviewing a Square-Enix game. The last game I reviewed by this publisher was back on 11/14/2006 with Final Fantasy XII. I generally haven’t been a fan of what has come out […]

  • Review: Furu Furu Park (Nintendo Wii)

    Furu Furu Park Genre: Mini-game collection Developer: Taito Publisher: Majesico Release Date: 01/17/08 Mini-game collections are the hip thing to do now, apparently; ever since Wario Ware hit the scene a few years back everyone looking to make a quick buck has made some sort of game full of mini-games. Aside from the now five […]

  • Review: No More Heroes (Nintendo Wii)

    No More Heroes Genre: Action/Adventure Developer: Grasshopper Publisher: Ubisoft Release Date: 01/22/08 No More Heroes is a weird little game. That’s not really a surprise, to be fair. Grasshopper and SUDA 51 (the director of the product) are both known for their weird, quirky titles. The former has only really developed one title that could […]

  • Review: Endless Ocean (Nintendo Wii)

    Endless Ocean Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Arika Genre: Simulation Release Date: 1/23/2008 Endless Ocean has received a lot of attention since Nintendo first announced it was publishing this game for the Wii. Many gamers and journalists have reacted as if Endless Ocean is something new and highly innovative. The truth is Endless Ocean is the THIRD […]

  • Review: Startropics (Virtual Console, NES)

    Star Tropics Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo Genre: Action-Platformer System Released on Virtual Console (originally NES) Release Date: 01/07/2008 (Original Release Date was December 12th, 1990) StarTropics is one of those games that was hugely popular when it was first release. Nintendo Power devoted almost an entire issue to it, and it reminded of a game […]

  • Review: King of Fighters ’94 (Nintendo Wii)

    King of Fighters 1994 Publisher: SNK Playmore Developer: SNK Genre: 2-D Fighter Release Date 01/07/08 (Original Date: 08/25/1994) With King of Fighters ’94 Rebout released in 2004 never hitting US shores, this will be the first time for an entire generation of gamers where they get to play the game that started it all. Well, […]

  • Review: Nights: Journey Into Dreams (Nintendo Wii)

    Nights: Journey Into Dreams Publisher: Sega Developer: Sonic Team Genre: Platformer/Rail Shooter Release Date: 12/19/2007 Back in the mid-to-late 1990’s, Nights was on of the biggest hits for the Sega Saturn. It (usually) came bundled with a joystick that would heavily influence the Dreamcast controller, and it featured graphics and gameplay that left most Sega […]

  • Review: Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (Nintendo Wii)

    Raving Rabbids 2 Developer: Ubisoft Paris Publisher: Ubisoft Genre: Mini Games Release Date: 11/14/2007 The first Raving Rabbids is by far my most favorite game on the Nintendo Wii. Even though I never reviewed it officially, I saw down to score it when I first beat the game and it would have received an 8.5 […]

  • Review: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Nintendo Wii)

    Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Publisher: Capcom Developer: Capcom Genre: Rail Shooter Release Date: 11/14/2007 It’s well known that I am not a fan of the Resident Evil series. I had the first one for the Saturn and thought it was a piece of crap. Any game that emulates the console version of the AitD controls […]

  • Review: Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Wii)

    Super Mario Galaxy Genre: Platformer Developer: Nintendo EAD Publisher: Nintendo Release Date: 11/12/2007 You’ve seen the previews, you’ve heard the hype. Super Mario Galaxy is supposed to be the best Mario game since Super Mario 64, the same game that many says defined 3D platforming as we know it today. With such a pedigree, the […]

  • Review: Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock (Nintendo Wii)

    Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock Genre: Rhythm Game Developer: Vicarious Visions Publisher: Activision Release Date: 10/28/2007 Before Guitar Hero was created, people like me who wish they could play guitar but are too lazy to learn were limited to playing air guitar to their favourite solo, an activity which everybody does when alone, but […]

  • Review: Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros’ Treasure (Nintendo Wii)

    Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros’ Treasure Genre: Adventure/Puzzle Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Release Date: 10/23/2007 Here’s a game that could have passed right under everybody’s nose without the help of some seriously devoted fans. This is a title that probably wasn’t on a lot of “must-buy” lists; it’s an adventure game centred on solving […]

  • Review: Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party (Nintendo Wii)

    Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party Mix Publisher: Konami Developer: Konami Genre: Bemani Date Release; 09/26/2007 You know, I have to admit I’ve never been a big fan of DDR. This is partly because I exercise a lot in real life and go clubbing regularly, so it seemed silly to play a video game that combines […]

  • REVIEW: Carnival Games (Nintendo Wii)

    Carnival Games Genre: Mini-Game Collection Publisher: Global Star Software Developer: Cat Daddy Games Release Date: 8/29/2007 Been a while hasn’t it? For a little over a month I’ve been int he process of moving from Minneapolis to Washington D.C. Getting settled into my new house and surroundings was higher on the priority list than video […]

  • Review: Mario Strikers Charged (Nintendo Wii)

    Mario Strikers Charged Genre: Sports Developer: Next Level Games Publisher: Nintendo Release Date: 07/30/2007 Super Mario Strikers, released for the Gamecube in 2005, was a very intriguing game. However, many shortcomings prevented it from being more than a mildly entertaining multiplayer experience. The single-player mode was underwhelming, and outside of playing against a friend, not […]

  • Review: Mortal Kombat Armageddon (Nintendo Wii)

    Mortal Kombat Armageddon Genre: Fighting Developer: Midway Publisher: Midway Release Date: 05/29/2007 Over the past fifteen years, the Mortal Kombat franchise has been called many things, including “innovative”, “gory” and even “disturbing”. However, ever since the series has made the jump to 3D, it seems like the adjective usually associated with it is “stale”. Indeed, […]