Category: Nintendo Entertainment System

  • Virtual Console Wrap-Up for 9/22

    Monday the 22nd marked an important day for most retro gaming fans. It was a day of true anticipation, and a day to rejoice. It was a day when true retro gaming lives. Monday, September 22nd, 2008… was the day Mega Man 9 was released to WiiWare. Of course, being a new game, that isn’t […]

  • Review: Startropics (Virtual Console, NES)

    Star Tropics Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo Genre: Action-Platformer System Released on Virtual Console (originally NES) Release Date: 01/07/2008 (Original Release Date was December 12th, 1990) StarTropics is one of those games that was hugely popular when it was first release. Nintendo Power devoted almost an entire issue to it, and it reminded of a game […]

  • Review: Punch-Out!! (Wii Virtual Console)

    Punch-Out!! Genre: Sports Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Release Date: 03/30/2007 I love the Virtual Console. Some of the games available were mainstays of my childhood days. Others were fantasies of mine that stayed unattainable because it is quite hard to amass enough money to ensure a steady flow of video games when you’re not even […]