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  • 10 Thoughts On…Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! Part 1: The Shamutanti Hills (iOS)

    Several staffers here at Diehard GameFAN are fans of the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series. These solo tabletop gaming adventures never fail to provide many a roleplayer with warm nostalgia. Some books like The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Talisman of Death have even been made into video games. Now UK developer Inkle has adapted the […]

  • Review: Super Hang-On (Sony PS3)

    Super Hang-On Developer: Sega AM-2 Publisher: Sega Genre: Racing Release Date: 05/22/2012 I’m not really a fan of racing games as they never actually feel like I’m driving a vehicle. Perhaps I was spoiled by the arcades of my youth where racing games often involved vehicle shaped controllers. Games like Pole Position and OutRun were […]

  • Interview with Adventure Productions about Shadows on the Vatican

    As you know, we’re always on the lookout for quality adventure games here at Diehard GameFAN. So far 2012 has some nice ones lined up like Captain Morgane and The Second Guest. Perhaps the most unique however is coming from a little Italian company named Adventure Productions. Back in late November, I watched the teaser […]

  • Review: The Adventures of Shuggy (Xbox Live Arcade)

    The Adventures of Shuggy Genre: Platform/Puzzle Developer: Smudged Cat Games Publisher: Valcon Games Release Date: 06/15/2011 Ever play a game that you knew very little about and it ended up blindsiding you with just how much fun it is to play? That is exactly what happened to me with The Adventures of Shuggy, a puzzle/platform […]

  • Review: Mystery Trackers: Raincliff Collector’s Edition (PC)

    Mystery Trackers: Raincliff Collector’s Edition (PC) Developer: Elephant Games Publisher: Big Fish Games Genre: Adventure Release Date: 05/06/2011 You know, I tend to enjoy the short budget adventure games Big Fish Games puts out. In the past year or so, I’ve played enjoyable games like Blood and Ruby down to lackluster titles like Namco Bandai’s […]

  • Review: Time Crisis: Razing Storm (Sony PS3)

    This compilation seeks to recapture some of the glory of the Time Crisis series. Does it succeed?

  • Review: KOF Sky Stage (Xbox 360)

    A shooter starring fighting game characters? Inconceivable! Find out inside if KOF Sky Stage is a must have or a cheap cash-in.

  • Review: Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena (Nintendo DS)

    Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena Developer: Mumbo Jumbo Publisher: Mumbo Jumbo Genre: Adventure (Hidden Object) Release Date 07/27/2010 The Samantha Swift series has been around for several years as a PC exclusive casual game series. The franchise has three different games out currently and Mumbo Jumbo has finally decided to test the […]

  • Review: Deathspank (Sony Playstation 3)

    Deathspank Developer: Hothead Games Publisher: Electronic Arts Genre: Action RPG Release Date: 07/13/2010 If you read me regularly, then you know one of the things I bitch about is that gaming has gotten too angsty-serious and there’s just not enough comedy games these days. Gone are games that are as funny as they are good […]

  • Playstation Plus: Is it Worth the Money? – Week Two

    Last week I started what I thought would be a monthly feature on the Playstation Plus. However, since the article proved popular and Playstation Plus appears to be updating weekly now, I figured I’d do the same to help those of you on the fence decide if it’s a worthwhile purchase or not. As we […]

  • Review: MadBalls in Babo: Invasion (Microsoft Xbox 360)

    MadBalls in Babo: Invasion Developer: Playbrains Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Genre: 3rd Person Shooter Release Date: 7/15/2009 My youth was filled with collecting odd things from Garbage Pail Kids to M.U.S.C.L.E. men. Another one of those collections included MadBalls. These squishy little foam balls looked cool but I could never find a purpose for them. […]

  • Review: Arkanoid Live! 360 Arcade

    Arkanoid Live! Genre: Puzzle Developer: Taito Corporation Publisher: Microsoft Release Date: 05/06/2009 Years ago, man would thrust tiny metal symbols into brightly-lit, uncaring machines for his gaming joy. Designed to separate quarters from humans as fast as possible, arcades of that era were home to simplistic graphics, rapid gameplay, and unforgiving difficulty. Into that grinder, […]

  • Pokemon Battrio – A look at the first ever Pokemon arcade game!

    In April of 2007, Tomy Interactive announced it would be bringing Pokemon to the Japanese arcades. This was a big deal as Pokemon has generally been a portable gaming franchise, with the occasional foray to the Nintendo GameCube and/or Wii. Even more interesting was the claim that this new Pokemon game was not only the […]