Author: Tom N.

  • Review: Electroplankton (Nintendo DS)

    Review: Electroplankton (NDS) Developer: Nintendo Distributor: Nintendo Genre: Music Creator Release Date: 1/10/06 The Nintendo DS, once the subject of much ridicule for its duel screens and touch pad, has leaped into the forefront of the handheld market over the past year, and brought with it a ton of entertaining and unique games. But perhaps […]

  • Review: Final Fantasy IV Advance (Game Boy Advance)

    Review: Final Fantasy IV Advance (GBA) Developer: Square Enix Distributor: Nintendo Genre: RPG Release Date: 12/15/05 Final Fantasy IV, originally released in the US as Final Fantasy 2 on the Super Nintendo, is arguably the greatest game in the Final Fantasy series, and certainly the one that completely revolutionized the series as a whole. Up […]

  • Review: Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (XB)

    Review: Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Developer: Ubisoft Distributor: Ubisoft Genre: Platformer/Action Release Date: 12/1/05 Prince of Persia is one of the longest running game series around. It started on the PC and has since seen an iteration on almost every major gaming console around. And if you haven’t heard of it, then you’ve […]

  • Review: Half-Life 2 (XB)

    Review: Half-Life 2 (XB) Developer: Valve Software Distributor: Electronic Arts Genre: FPS Release Date: 11/15/05 In 1998 Half-Life burst onto the gaming scene and completely shook up the FPS genre with its in-depth storyline, smarter enemies, and almost cinematic feel. It became the gold standard by which all other FPS’s have been judged, and has […]

  • Review: Mario Party 7 (Nintendo Gamecube)

    Review: Mario Party 7 (GC) Developer: Hudson Soft Distributor: Nintendo Genre: Party/Puzzle Release Date: 11/7/05 Mario Party is quickly becoming Nintendo’s version of Madden. Every year, right before Christmas, we end up with a new Mario Party hitting store shelves just begging for us to spend another $50 on it. Now I enjoy Mario Party […]

  • Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare (XB)

    Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare (XB) Developer: Konami Distributor: Konami Genre: Action Release Date: 11/01/05 If you are like me, you remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as being a group of pizza eating, wise cracking, “cowabunga, dude!” saying, campy super heroes that graced our televisions back in the late 80s. They […]

  • Review: City of Villains (PC)

    Review: City of Villains (PC) Developer: Cryptic Studios Distributor: NCsoft Genre: MMORPG Release Date: 10/31/05 The MMORPG market has exploded in the past few years. Games such as Ultima Online and EverQuest paved the way for a multitude of online games. Now it seems that a new one is coming out every month. From successful […]

  • Review: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (Nintendo Gamecube)

    Review: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Developer: Intelligent Systems Distributor: Nintendo Genre: Tactical RPG Release Date: 10/17/05 Some of you may remember that I reviewed Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for the GBA back in early June. Some of you may also remember that I thoroughly enjoyed it, raved about it, and then gave it […]

  • Review: Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt (Nintendo Gamecube)

    Review: Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt (GC) Developer: Warthog Distributor: Ignition Entertainment Genre: Platformer Release Date: 9/18/05 It’s time for Animaniacs And we’re zany to the max So just sit back and relax You’ll laugh ’til you collapse We’re Animaniacs! … Well, here we go again… I was disappointed with Warthog and Ignition Entertainment’s first […]

  • Review: Welcome To Merriweather Farm (PC)

    Review: Welcome to Merriweather Farm (PC) Developer: Bold Games Distributor: Cokem Genre: Edutainment Release Date: 9/1/05 So what exactly is Edutainment, anyway? Well, if you break it down, it’s a combination of the words Education and Entertainment. In this particular case, it’s referring to a genre of games mostly aimed at children under 10. These […]

  • Review: Midway Arcade Treasures 3 (XB)

    Review: Midway Arcade Treasures 3 (XB) Developer: Digital Eclipse Distributor: Midway Genre: Compilation Release Date: 9/27/05 Midway Arcade Treasures is arguably one of the best compilations ever to come out with 20 classic games, of which the majority are well worth playing. Some of the highlights include Gauntlet, Joust, SpyHunter, Smash TV, Rampage, and Paperboy. […]

  • Review: X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse (XB)

    Review: X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse (XB) Developer: Raven Software Distributor: Activision Genre: Action Release Date:9/20/05 Hey, it’s my 20th review for IP, and I’m taking a look at yet another game based on a comic book. Looking back on things, this will be my fourth comic book based review (the other three being […]

  • Review: Burnout Revenge (XB)

    Review: Burnout Revenge (XB) Developer: Criterion Games Distributor: Electronic Arts Genre: Racing Release Date: 9/13/05 Burnout is probably the best series of racing games for non-racing fans ever created. Forget realistic steering or accurate physics. Forget having to choose between 700 different cars. And forget worrying about gaining enough money to modify the hell out […]

  • Review: Dynasty Warriors Advance (Game Boy Advance)

    Review: Dynasty Warriors Advance (GBA) Developer: Koei Distributor: Nintendo Genre: Action Release Date: 8/29/05 If you’ve ever played one of the entries in the Dynasty Warriors series, you know that the series has made a name for itself with its insane action and massive weapon choices, pitting a single soldier against legions upon legions of […]

  • Review: Animaniacs: Lights, Camera Action! (Game Boy Advance)

    Review: Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action! Developer: Warthog Distributor: Ignition Entertainment Genre: Action Release Date: 10/20/05 The early to mid 90s can easily be considered some of the best years for cartoons ever to grace our television sets. I can remember coming home from high school, making myself a bowl of popcorn, and sitting down to […]

  • Review: The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (XB)

    Review: The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (XB) Developer: Radical Entertainment Distributor: VU Games Genre: Action Release Date: 8/23/05 The Hulk is easily one of Marvel’s most popular and recognizable superheroes, and has seen a fairly good number of video game translations come along for most major game systems. However, none of these have been all […]

  • Review: Paperboy/Rampage (Game Boy Advance)

    Review: Paperboy / Rampage (GBA) Developer: DSI Games Distributor: DSI Games Genre: Action Compilation Release Date: 8/21/05 Paperboy. Rampage. Two classic games that have made their way into a compilation on the Game Boy Advance. That’s quite a treat. Classic games aren’t called classics because they are old or from systems that have long since […]

  • Review: Geist (Nintendo Gamecube)

    Review: Geist (GC) Developer: n-Space Distributor: Nintendo Genre: First Person Shooter Release Date: 8/15/05 Ah, we once again return to the first person shooter. To say that FPS’s have been a staple of both console and computer gaming for years is an understatement. Ever since the days of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, FPS’s have been […]

  • Review: Dragon Ball GT: Transformation (Game Boy Advance)

    Review: Dragon Ball GT: Transformation (GBA) Developer: Webfoot Distributor: Atari Genre: Action Release Date: 8/9/05 I had actually never heard of Dragon Ball before until I got to college. While there, a few friends of mine who were completely obsessed introduced me to it. And while I never actually shared in their obsession, I did […]

  • Review: Suzuki TT Superbikes (PS2)

    Review: Suzuki TT Superbikes (PS2) Developer: Jester Interactive Distributor: Valcon Games Genre: Racing Release Date: 8/4/05 Fans of motorcycle racing haven’t had very many games to play on the PS2 with the exception of the MotoGP series, while fans of other racing games have had numerous titles to keep themselves occupied. At least up until […]