Author: Chuck Platt

  • A Thumb To The Eye Number 13

    It all started with Intelligent Qube. I have this game on a very old and decrepit Playstation demo disc and I have longed to purchase it for years, now. I saw a copy once, at a local GameStop, but it was $60, with no manual. First off, how the hell do people lose Playstation manuals? […]

  • A Thumb To The Eye Number 12

    Come on baby turn that frown upside down Tell me why you ain’t been around What is it brings you down? We worked the hardest to be the smartest And the big big whoredom scared me Come on baby I ain’t convinced it ain’t so bad as you paint it There’s plenty more heads of […]

  • A Thumb To The Eye Number 11

    What the Hell Happened to…: A 411Games Special Report Games, Aren’t They a Bitch? To the untrained eye, the game business looks like nothing but fun and games, a veritable paradise full of eternally smiling and happy characters running amok in candy colored locales. When one looks deeper, he will see a world of in […]

  • A Thumb To The Eye Number 10

    blah blah blah blah blah… LEONARD BERNSTEIN!!! -R.E.M. “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) I have no rhythm. None. I am fully, totally, and completely arrhythmic. In most game genres this is not much of a problem, but in the ever growing and magical realm of rhythm […]

  • A Thumb To The Eye Number 9

    Video games are part of the mythology and zeitgeist of our generation. They are a part of the shared experience. But are video games somehow connected to ancient myth? This problem has bothered me for quite some time. Why is it that when Mario dies he is suddenly smaller and weaker, but also temporally displaced? […]

  • A Thumb To The Eye Number 8

    Cel shading. Much like digital video in motion pictures, at the moment, cel shading is a tool that has been used in some artistic and original ways (Jet Grind Radio), a few logical and unsurprising projects (Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker), and, usually, in unnecessary exercises to bring a little excitement to a bland […]

  • A Thumb To The Eye Number 7

    Well, after seven weeks of doing this, I have accumulated a pile of virtual letters. Since it’s only polite, and I’m out of juice this week, I am going to share with you my mailbag. So, grab some orange soda, some dill potato chips, and get comfy, because it’s Mail Bag Time! A Thumb To […]

  • Review: Soul Calibur II (Nintendo Gamecube)

    When it comes to certain kinds of games, I am ruthlessly hard. It would be exceedingly difficult for me not to treat each and every fighting, wrestling, and puzzle game that comes my way with a healthy level of skepticism and not call things the way I see them. This means that a beautiful, professionally […]

  • A Thumb To The Eye Number 6

    “Is the “Hardcore” gamer gone? No, but now the “Hardcore” gamer seems to be looking to the past, not the future…” -Jeff WatsonIt’s like a fucked up haiku, isn’t it? If I wasn’t so upset that someone decided to take it upon themselves to make such a widely inaccurate blanket statement about a group of […]

  • A Thumb To The Eye Number 5

    Well, there comes a time in every man’s life when he takes stock in his past and looks eagerly to his future. Since my past was all video games and rocking out, it was a pretty kick ass life to review. Unfortunately, this look into the mists of time has awakened ancient hungers inside of […]

  • A Thumb To The Eye Number 1

    I’ll be honest here, I REALLY tried to think up some angry rant to go on, a bilious diatribe so filled with expletives and venom that it would be impossible to ignore me. I wanted Bebito to read this and say, “DAMN, that’s one angry dude.” So I sat and I wrote and I thought […]