Author: B.J. Brown

  • Gaming Remakes and Reboots: Wish List PART 2

    In the first round of Remakes and Reboots I wrote, I jumped on the bandwagon of some long dead franchises that probably won’t get revisted. Surprisingly, since the article was published both Wizardry and Front Mission games were released. While the Wizardry game was more of a remake, Front Mission’s reboot took their franchise in…

  • Can Madden ’12 Rekindle My Football Fever?

    For the first time in years (since 07), I may actually play Madden again. It seems a lot longer than four years though since I jumped into an entirely-too-close-view Superstar Mode complete with annoying speed and weight lifting drills. I’ll admit, I’m not the prototypical Maddenite that slaves over stats, challenges and conquers countless online…

  • Review: Legend of Fae (PC)

    Another match three/RPG hybrid has been released. Does it do anything to set itself apart?

  • Gaming Remakes and Reboots: A Wish List

    The new gaming fad for developers is to remake and reboot old franchises and games. Here are a few that deserve consideration.

  • Review: NBA 2K11 (Microsoft Xbox 360)

    (Editor’s note: this article was first published as Xbox 360 Review: NBA 2K11 on Blogcritics. B.J. Brown has allowed us to use his work, edited and adapted to our scoring metric.) NBA 2K11 Developer: Visual Concepts Publisher: 2K Sports Genre: Realistic Sports Simulation Release Date: 10/5/2010 2K Sports’ new revision of the NBA2K franchise, NBA…

  • Review: Ubergridder (Microsoft Xbox 360)

    What happens when you take Pac-Man, take out the things that make it so timeless, and throw it on the Indie service for $1? Pretty much what you’d think.