Evansville Must-See Events: Comic Quest Presents International Tabletop Day 2015

Comic QuestTabletop fans in the Tri-State area should be excited for International Tabletop Day, as Comic Quest is hosting an all day event (10am-10pm) on April 11 at their location at 2260 E Morgan Ave. in Evansville, Indiana. I personally love this store and wanted people to know that this event was happening. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the trek down there, so if you’re in the area, please stop by and tell Monti and the others that DieHard GameFAN sends their regards!

In addition to the games listed below, interested players can bring their own board games, RPGs, or miniatures, or they can contact Comic Quest if there’s a game they want to learn to play that isn’t on the list. There will be plenty of demos, tournaments, door prizes, open play and other activities throughout the day, some of which have already been posted on the event’s page on Facebook.

Find out more about the event on Facebook and be sure to like their page for more updates.

Their event description reads as follows:

Comic Quest will once again be a part of International Tabletop Day! 2015 brings us a new chance to spread some board gaming love, and we want every one involved. Come demo some of the newest board games. We will be playing old fan favorites, along with newer games, and maybe some games not seen in the wild yet. We will offer gaming all day!

Board games and demos from great companies like:
Dead of Winter – Very Limited Door Prize Drawing
Fluxx 5.0 – Open Play
Dixit – Open Play
Terror of Meeple City – Open Play
7 Wonders – Open Play
Krosmaster – Special Event
Small World – LTD Tournament Kit with prizes
Ticket to Ride – LTD Tournament Kit with prizes
DC DBG – Open Play
Marvel Legendary DBG – Open Play
Machi Koro – Event w/Prizes
DBZ – Demo & Tournament w/ LTD Promos & Playmat
Force of Will – Demo & Open Play
Pokemon – Demo
Magic – Demo & Saturday Night Magic Event
YGO – Will be a tournament with demo outside during event.
CFV – Open Play
Weiss – Open Play
Zombies – Open Play
Zombicide – Open Play
Star Wars X-Wing – Demo & Huge Tournament
Dice Master – Demo & OP Event
D&D Attack Wing – Demo
Star Trek Attack Wing – Demo
Heroclix – Demo & OP Event
King of Tokyo & King of New York – Open Play
Castle Panic – Open Play
Love Letter – Open Play
Munchkin – Event With Special Autographed Prizes
Sentinels of the Multiverse – Demo
Smash Up – Demo
Tokaido – Open Play
And much, much more!

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