Diehard Gamefan Flashback 12/05/2004: Super Mario 64 DS Review

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Review: Super Mario 64 DS (DS)

Super Mario 64 DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Genre: Action
System: Nintendo DS

Finally, the Nintendo DS is upon us. We’ve been waiting for months and months to get our hands on this system, and it’s finally here. With its two screens and unique features, it shows the most promise out of any new system I’ve ever laid eyes on.

But of course, Nintendo releasing a new system without it releasing a game with a wildly recognizable mascot is nothing short of blasphemy, so along with the launch, we get Super Mario 64 DS. Now a lot of people are labeling this game as simply a port of the Nintendo 64 game of the same name. But is it really? And how does it play on the small screen(s)? I’m here to find out…

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