Preview: Silverfall (PC)

Publisher: Atari
Developer: Monte Crisco
Genre: Dungeon Adventure
Release Date: 3/6/2007

Silverfall is a dungeon adventure/crawler game that certainly has a fair amount of intrigue to it as we head into 2007. With the PC being the best place for games of this kind of genre Silverfall will try to break itself a niche in a market that certainly does have some competition. Today weâ┚¬â”žÂ¢ll preview Silverfall and give you a little bit of information on what will; hopefully, distinguish this title from others in the coming year. First off the main objective of this game will be to set up a defense and run the day to day growth of a city that shares the same name as this game. Indeed, Silverfall will give you a demi-god like status as you control just what happens on a day to day basis with your city. But what race you are is left up to you. You get to choose from a elf, troll, goblin, or human to be and you can customize your look before getting started to give your city and character your own unique feel to it. Each race, as you might guess, will have strengths and weaknesses that must be taken into account before choosing a certain race to be.

The main theme of Silverfall is nature taking on technology to see which way is really the best. Depending on the choices you make you will end up going towards either one or the other, and your choice will drastically effect how you play the game itself. Different skills go with each side, as well as different abilities and how the entire city looks. The city itself will take on different looks depending on what side you pick, so there is a high factor for customization here. Through quests and other events you will change how the city looks throughout the game, with the technology or nature theme playing a heavy part into the shaping of the actual city.

>To advance your status you will need to, like a standard dungeon crawler, hack and slash your way to experience and new unlockable goodies. You can unlock new abilities and powers throughout the game and also have other players join you from around the map. These other players are known as â┚¬Å”companionsâ┚¬Â and are controlled by the computer; however, you are allowed to set their behavior, equip them, and generally fit them to be the best fit for your current objectives in the game. In terms of the storyline each of the eight companions that you can have will have some kind of story-arc. How in-depth that will be remains to be seen, but it does sound promising to see this kind of detail being mentioned by several sources. Combat itself seems to be pretty intricate with many options for you. Combat and magic are the two main ways to attack and each method has its own options. For combat you can pick from melee, technique, or ranged abilities to specialize in and in magic you can pick from shadow, light, and elemental options. You can put skill points into these categories to then open up the more higher ended abilities that will really open up the game for you.

Graphically Silverfall looks very solid as you would expect a PC game to look. While it wonâ┚¬â”žÂ¢t stun you the attention to detail in the characters, city, and monsters should be enough to keep your interest for quite some time. In terms of a multi-player feature Silverfall should deliver in spades for you. There are many modes available including a cooperative mode that allows up to eight players to play at once. Overall Silverfall seems like a title that should be a very nice addition to any PC gamers library and should definitely be on your to look for list in the early part of 2007.