Preview: The Aura 2: Sacred Rings (PC)

Publisher: The Adventure Company
Developer: Streko-Graphics Inc.
Genre: PC Adventure
Release Date: 1-1-2007

The Aura 2: Sacred Rings, soon to be released for PC systems, comes from a genre that while being lesser known compared to the mega-genres of today, still has a very loyal and large fan base, and also produces some of the most innovative games around. Of course Iâ┚¬â”žÂ¢m referring to the classic point and click PC adventure games that so many of us have played at some point or another in. I used to be a devout handheld and console gamer myself until recently when I too was shown how awesome adventure PC games could be, and now that I am one of the converted a game like The Aura 2: Sacred Rings not only intrigues me, but it stands out as one of the better releases that should come our way in a traditionally barren time for videogames after the holiday seasons have ended.

Being a sequel to Aura: Fate of Ages, The Aura 2: Sacred Rings strives to satisfy fans of the previous installment and also add a plethora of new content to impress any gamer thinking about this product. The Aura 2: Sacred Rings will pick up the story of Umang who is embroiled in a race to claim several powerful artifacts that when used with the sacred rings will give the wielder great power and immortality. In the service of â┚¬Å”The Keepersâ┚¬Â Umang will transverse three unique worlds in his quest to bring the sacred rings to his clan and to stop the plot of Durand, a rival clan leader, from gaining the rings first and using them for evil purposes. These three unique worlds are known as: No Manâ┚¬â”žÂ¢s Land, Manula Valley, and the Keeperâ┚¬â”žÂ¢s Land. Each world is expansive and all are different in their make-up.

In terms of content The Aura 2: Sacred Rings, on paper at least, is where things really begin to shine. The three aforementioned worlds will have over 400 different locations for you to explore. Each will be highly detailed judging by the gorgeous graphics that the screenshots from The Aura 2: Sacred Rings show us. Each location will be fully interactive as well, underscoring the exploration aspect of the gaming experience. Also spaced out throughout the game will be over 40 minutes of cut-scenes which will not only show the technical power behind The Aura 2: Sacred Rings, but will also help keep the storyline moving along as you complete tasks throughout the game.

The game itself is an adventure/puzzle experience that will require you to explore the three huge worlds, constantly solving puzzles throughout the game. Each environment will have to be explored as you work you way towards solving whatever task has been set before you. One feature that sounds particular intriguing is that your choices throughout the game will affect how your experience ends up. Choices will affect your eventual outcome which makes The Aura 2: Sacred Rings a very customizable game in terms of the story and the way you progress through it. Throughout the game you will also be treated to what seems to be a nice variety of musical scores, as the press release touts the eight different musical themes that will go with the environments of The Aura 2: Sacred Rings to maximize the gaming experience.

Scheduled for a January 1st, 2007 release, The Aura 2: Sacred Rings looks like a solid addition to any PC gamerâ┚¬â”žÂ¢s library, and especially to those familiar with the series and adventure genre. Be sure to keep with Inside Pulse and Not A True Ending to get even more coverage on this title.