2003 Awards, Part 7

Gamecube-Game boy Advance Connectivity
Winner of 2003’s Best new feature/tech Award

Mark B
Wow, this sure ended up being wasted, didn’t it? It was such an awesome concept, too: hook your GBA to your GC and play games with it. You could use the GBA screen to do things like display an item list or a map while you played, or in the case of some games (Four Swords, anyone?), you could go into additional dungeons and such that you could play on the GBA screen. It seemed like such a promising idea, and the few games that supported it were largely quite good.

So what happened?

Simple. The Nintendo DS happened.

Nintendo, approximately a year after announcing GBA to GC compatibility, announced the Nintendo DS, a brand new dual-screen handheld that could play GBA games, but couldn’t link up to the GC. Developers saw that and whatever interest might have existed in the idea of developing games that implemented such a technology dried up faster than most of my girlfriends after they’ve seen me naked.

Wait, shit… nevermind.

And that’s a damn shame, too. Four Swords was an awesome little novelty, and Shitty Game Series Crystal Chronicles remains one of those games I’m actively awaiting on the DS because it amused me so much with the GBA/GC incarnation. Hopefully when the inevitable DS/Wii connectivity is introduced it’ll be better supported than this was (Lord knows it couldn’t be supported any worse).

Alexander Lucard

Looking back, I still can’t believe this won. I mean back in 2000 we had the Dreamcast-Neo Geo Pocket Color being able to connect. This was just a furthering of that.

Don’t get me wrong. It was fun for several games, chief amongst them being Animal Crossing (for me) and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (For everyone else.) I just have to disagree with this simply because it wasn’t new or original. But then, how many people had both a DC and a NGPC?