Kliq Off: The Wii Launch

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first Kliq Off. The Kliq Off will be a roundtable like discussion of the news and big events in the video game world. For our first topic, we decided to tackle the Nintendo Wii which was just recently announced that it will be releasing on November 19th at a price point of $249.99 with Wii Sports included with the system. For the first ever Kliq Off, weâ┚¬â”žÂ¢ve assembled a pretty excellent and well rounded team of Nintendoholics who have been with Inside Pulse since the 411 days. The participants are:

-Inside Pulse Editor of more then we can count and leader of the Kliq Off: Alex â┚¬Å”I AM NOT A VAMPIREâ┚¬Â Lucard.
-Former IP Games Editor: â┚¬Å”The Norwegian Athleteâ┚¬Â Alex Williams
-And the editor of this roundtable, the Kliqâ┚¬â”žÂ¢s very own X-Pac: Tom Pandich

Letâ┚¬â”žÂ¢s get started, shall we?

QUESTION 1: The Price of the WII is $249.99. Thoughts on the amount and what you get for it?

Tom Pandich: Well being the rumor whore I am, I heard a lot of different packages and numbers kicked around. Overall, I would have ended up buying Wii Sports eventually, but probably not at launch.

Alex Williams: When I first saw the $249.99 price point, I was slightly let down. Then I read further, and saw the pack-in game. That’s essentially a $199.99 system with the first game decided for you. While the game in question may not appeal to ALL involved, the price is easily justified.

Tom Pandich: Yeah, but I’d much rather have Zelda and Trauma Center for $300 rather then Trauma Center and Wii Sports.

Alex Williams: Wii Sports is probably the best “tech demo” game Nintendo could include anyway, as it shows off many of the Wii’s features including using your customized “Mii” as your player.

Alex Lucard: My thought on the WII is that it’s a great price. $249.99 – the 49.99 game = a two hundred dollar console

Alex Williams: And the game included takes advantage of a LOT of stuff already in the box.

Alex Lucard: This means you can get a Wii and two games (one of which has 4-5 games on it) for the same cost as the version of the Xbox 360 only a kid with down syndrome would be crazy enough to buy

Tom Pandich: My only problem with Wii Sports is like Alex said that it still strikes me as more of a tech demo then a game.

Alex Lucard: Compared to a $500 PS3 which is JUST a console, look how many games you can get! GOOD games no less. We also don’t know how long Wii Sports is though. The golf might be a full 9 or 18 holes for example.

Alex Williams: Or you can get the bundle, THREE extra WiiMotes, and THREE extra nunchuks for $430. A full four-player set-up for less than a PS3.

Tom Pandich: I’d much rather have something like Zelda bundled even though it’s pretty much the anti-Wii game. Then again, Nintendo is screaming that itâ┚¬â”žÂ¢s trying to make games less complicated.

Alex Williams: It may scream tech-demo, but its one that WORKS.

Alex Lucard: The problem with Zelda is it’s not for everyone. Sports will appeal to every game in some way. Even my parents will probably get a kick out of Wii sports.

Alex Williams: Yeah, Zelda is WAY too complicated for the audience Nintendo is trying to reach. I.E. Everyone.

Tom Pandich: Let me put it this way, if Wii Sports isn’t included, I pick it up in June on clearance. I agree totally with you guys. I just know for a fact I wouldn’t pick up Wii Sports at launch. The Japanese will which is why it isn’t bundled there.

Alex Williams: Wii Sports is certainly something my non-gamer future-wife will love to death. Same thing happened with the Nintendo DS and Brain Age, Big Brain Academy, and Sudoku Gridmaster.

Alex Lucard: Exactly. It moves the title. It’s a smart move on Nintendo’s part. I wouldn’t buy it own it’s own either. But holy shit! Game pack in! When was the last time that happened?

Tom Pandich: The 360 launch.

Alex Williams: Hexic HD doesn’t count.

Tom Pandich: Oh wait, that was EB selling you ten games with the system. My bad.

Alex Lucard: I never would have bought the original SMB back in the days of
the NES. It’s a smart way to get a title out to a ton of people and get them to pay more than they probably would otherwise

Tom Pandich: As would I. Wii Sports just doesn’t scream “must have” for me. It’s the best title to bundle for the casual gamer, but I’m not the casual gamer.

Alex Williams: And that’s why Zelda and Trauma Center are there.

Alex Lucard: Yep.

Tom Pandich: Indeed. Speaking of which, what you guys are snagging it at launch, right?

Alex Williams: Duh.

Alex Lucard: That’s a separate question!

Alex Williams: So ASK IT!

Alex Lucard: Stay on topic until it’s exhausted. ;-)

Tom Pandich: Bah, you and the structure! How dare you make my life easier in formatting this!

Alex Williams: You’re becoming everything you hate! Corporate spokesman!

Alex Williams: Republican!

Tom Pandich: Furry!

Alex Lucard: You’re just mad I’ll have Pokemon Wii at launch.

Alex Williams: …yes.

Tom Pandich: Ahahahahah.

QUESTION 2: Are you buying the Wii at launch and if so, what games?

Tom Pandich: Well it’s pretty clear we’re snagging it at launch. I think I’m the only one who has it pre-ordered though!

Alex Williams: Yes, most likely Zelda, Trauma Center, and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz.

Alex Lucard: I am. Iâ┚¬â”žÂ¢ll have it preordered. I’ll be in Philly that week so I’m just running across the border to Delaware. No shipping costs, no sales tax. Just sweet Wii goodness.

Alex Williams: Where do you have it pre-ordered Tom?

Tom Pandich: Amazon had pre-orders up for about 12 hours today.

Alex Williams: Oy.

Tom Pandich: I pounced on that like a fat kid on ice cream flavored doughnuts.

Alex Lucard: My games will be Trauma Center, Metal Slug Anthology, Super Monkey Ball (also my first title for the Cube too), and MAYBE Zelda.

Tom Pandich: My games will certainly be Trauma Center, Zelda, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2, and possibly Elebits or Excite Truck.

Alex Lucard: Five games at launch including sports. And that’s not even 500 bucks

Alex Williams: I’ll probably end up renting Excite Truck and the new DBZ
game from GameFly.

Tom Pandich: It’s a pretty fantastic launch line-up all around.

Alex Williams: I’ll be picking up a second controller for the wife. She needs some Wii lovin’!


Alex Williams: NO

Tom Pandich: No?

Alex Williams: It’s a great launch line-up, but it can’t match the pure liquid-awesomeness that was the Dreamcast launch.

Alex Lucard: For me it is. I can’t ever remember having five games picked out for the day a console was released. For the Cube I had Super Monkey Ball and forced myself to buy Tony Hawk 4 and Luigi’s Mansion.

Alex Lucard: PS2 and Xbox launches were shit for title quality.

Alex Lucard: Who the hell plays THE BOUNCER anymore?

Alex Williams: The Dreamcast launch contained SEVEN must-have titles for me out of seventeen games. This has more to choose from, but I can’t pick out that many “must-haves”.

Tom Pandich: I loved the Dreamcast launch too, but it had five games: Sonic Adventure, Power Stone, Soul Calibur, NFL 2K, and House of the Dead 2.

Alex Williams: More than PS2/XB/360/PS3, of course.

Tom Pandich: And if I remember correctly, the Bouncer wasn’t a launch title.

Tom Pandich: So my answer is it has the chance to be. There’s enough great
games, original titles and ports, to really flesh out the system.

Alex Williams: It will certainly be at LEAST #2 in terms of launch quality.

Alex Williams: It’s probably the best damn launch NINTENDO has ever had lined up, though.

Alex Williams: Has any other launch by them even broken TEN games?

Tom Pandich: Well we haven’t even talked about what it has that we don’t care about.

Alex Williams: I could care less about Splinter Cell.

Tom Pandich: Red Steel could potentially rock. Rayman could rock, hell, I’ll even rent Madden.

Alex Lucard: Here’s a list of the DC titles: Air Force delta, blue stinger, expendable, flag to flag, hotd2, hydro thunder, monaco grand prix, mortal kombat gold, nfl2k, nfl blit 2k, pen pen tri-icellon, power stone, ready 2 rumble, sonic adventure, soul calibur, tnn motorsports, tokyo xtreme racing, trickstyle.

Alex Lucard: 18 titles.

Tom Pandich: Yeah, I think the original NES had 18 titles or so too.

Alex Williams: Really? I had no idea.

Alex Lucard: Yep.

Tom Pandich: Yeah, a ton of those were sports games though.

Alex Lucard: NES had: 10 yard fight, baseball, clu clu land, donkey kong jr math, duck hunt, excitebike, golf, gyromite, hogan’s alley, ice climber, kung fu, mach rider, pinball, stack up, SMB, tennis, wild gunman, and wrecking crew.

Alex Williams: Yikes. I take that last comment back.

Tom Pandich: 360 had 18 games at launch too.

Alex Williams: Yeah, but they were all crap. Well, between crap and slightly above mediocre.

Tom Pandich: PS2 had 29 titles at launch.

Alex Lucard: A lot of the NES launch titles still hold up actually. It’s not the number, it’s the quality.

Alex Williams: Nintendo: Quality over stupidity.

Tom Pandich: Yeah, the NES launch might be the greatest launch of all time because it had the numbers and the quality.

Alex Lucard: Technically I think the Sega Genesis had the best launch title quality wise. Five games. All were amazing and 4 of the 5 still hold up well today.

Alex Lucard: Space Harrier 2, Last Battle, Thunder Force 2, and Altered Beast are still fun.

Alex Williams: Space Harrier. That takes me back.

Alex Lucard: Tommy Lasorda Baseball has aged, but it was awesome back then.

Tom Pandich: Very true.

Alex Lucard: PS2 doesn’t have a single game from its launch list I’d ever willingly own.

Tom Pandich: The Game Boy Advanced had a rather solid launch too.

Alex Williams: Gradius III and IV? Or did that come later?

Tom Pandich: Later I believe.

Tom Pandich: Come on man, Tekken, SSX, and the fireworks game!

Alex Williams: FANTAVISION!


Alex Lucard: Tekken JAG Tournament? ;-)

Tom Pandich: Oh you saucy fellow.

Alex Williams: Surprisingly, I liked that game. TTT.

Tom Pandich: It was Tekken 3 with slightly better graphics.

Alex Lucard: I hated the PS2 version. If I wanted to play it I’d go to an arcade.

Alex Williams: It was mindless 3D fighting, and had a decent soundtrack that I still have.

Tom Pandich: I still have an unopened version of TTT. I’m such a whore for buying games and never playing them.

Tom Pandich: Ok mighty leader, we’re talking about Tekken Tag Tournament. Let’s go.

Alex Williams: …Holy crap, YOU’RE RIGHT!

Alex Williams: NEXT QUESTION!

*Alex Lucard has left the chat.*

Alex Williams: Well, someone got sick of TTT.

*Alex Lucard has joined the chat.* (Editorâ┚¬â”žÂ¢s Note: This happened a good six or seven times during the chat. Lucard needs a version of AIM that doesnâ┚¬â”žÂ¢t suck.)

Alex Lucard: So what do we think? What’s the best overall launch title set for a system? Is it the Wii or something else?

Alex Lucard: Although I am buying a lot of Wii titles, my vote goes to the Genesis for having a perfect 100% rate of good games, even thought there were only 5. The Wii is definitely in the top 3 along with the Dreamcast though.

Alex Williams: I’d still go with the DC myself. It was the first system I bought at launch, AND paid everything for myself.

Alex Williams: But the Wii has the potential.

Tom Pandich: I’m still partial to the SNES launch. Super Mario World is one of my three favorite games of all time, and Pilotwings/F-Zero are both classics in their own right. Sure, theyâ┚¬â”žÂ¢re the only games that came out with the system, but I love all three big time and they all hold up. Still, the Wii might be the best modern launch (and the Dreamcast was my first launch system too).

QUESTION 4: The PS3 launches two days before the Wii. Will it have an affect on the launch of the Wii in a positive or adverse manner?

Tom Pandich: Positive.

Alex Williams: It depends. If the PS3 launch is as big of a clusterf*ck that I’m betting it will be, Nintendo is going to benefit.

Tom Pandich: The PS3 is going to be an absolute clusterf*ck. The Wii will
have four times the amount of systems in the US at launch. It’ll be very refreshing to be able to walk into a store and buy a system on launch day.

Alex Lucard: I agree with Williams. People are going to see a 500-600 dollar system with no games vs a 250 system with a game and go straight for the Wii.

Tom Pandich: Nah, they won’t see a 500-600 system. They’ll see a 1000-1200 system on E-Bay.

Alex Lucard: Sony has just been shooting itself in the foot constantly with the PS3.

Alex Williams: Besides, those who buy the PS3 aren’t going to be NEW customers. So everyone who wants a PS3 has already pre-ordered probably.

Tom Pandich: No pre-orders yet.

Alex Williams: Really?

Tom Pandich: Yes sir. It’s going to be a f*cking disaster.

Alex Williams: Well, take that one back. I’m obviously not informed.

Alex Lucard: It’s pretty obvious the Wii will outsell the PS3. The question is how long will Nintendo be able to maintain their market advantage.

Alex Williams: When the Wii software-drought hits, then we’ll see who can maneuver themselves in the pole position (which would make a neat VC download, by the way).

Tom Pandich: Well it’s up to the software. Nintendo really needs to have a strong March-May to keep the system in front of the PS3 after they restock.
Alex Williams: Let’s face it, both consoles look to be blowing their software loads on the launch. January and February will be pretty dry on all fronts.

Alex Lucard: I don’t think the software will be a problem. A PS3/360 dev kit is like 20 grand. A Wii dev kit is like 1500. The low cost of the dev kit means the wii will be saturated with indie and small publisher games

Alex Williams: Remember the DS launch? And the first real game released between December and February was WarioWare?

Tom Pandich: I got to disagree with you Alex Williams. The Wii is not
launching with Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, or Wario Ware Smooth Moves.

Alex Williams: And you are correct.

Tom Pandich: Metroid is hitting in December I think, but the other two are Winter 07.

Alex Williams: Metroid is ’07 as well.

Alex Lucard: Then there’s SSB and Pokemon

Tom Pandich: Yeah, Smash Brothers strikes me as a Christmas 07 game.

Alex Williams: Pokemon’s release is all dependant on Diamond and Pearl’s US release though, right?

Alex Lucard: No.

Alex Williams: Hmmm…

Alex Lucard: D & P hits US shores Spring 2007

Alex Lucard: Pokemon Wii won’t hit until this time 2007

Tom Pandich: Any chance we could see Battle Revolution and Diamond and Pearl at the same time though?

Alex Lucard: No. The translation work for a RPG takes for f*cking ever

Alex Lucard: But it guarantees that the Wii will have probably 1 AAA level title every month for its first year.

Alex Williams: I’m just wary for January.

Tom Pandich: Fair enough.

Alex Williams: After Christmas, things tend to calm down a LOT. No mega-awesome games were DS bound in Jan ’05, remember.

Tom Pandich: Very true. 06 was awesome though.

Alex Williams: The same thing happened with the PSP, with a MASSIVE drought after the launch. So I’m just hedging my bets with this one across the board.

Alex Lucard: That’s the industry as a whole though. Games tend to be bunched up now release wise and then we have months of drought regarding quality titles

Alex Williams: I’m meaning droughts for titles PERIOD. The DS suffered. The PSP suffered. The 360 suffered, despite having an outlet through Live to keep momentum going with dl content.

QUESTION 5: Downloadable titles will cost 5$ for NES, 8 for SNES and 10 for N64. How do you think this will be received by the general public?

Alex Williams: The DS suffered. The PSP suffered. The 360 suffered, despite having an outlet through Live to keep momentum going with dl content.
Alex Williams: I see those as bargains.

Tom Pandich: Well….. no.

Tom Pandich: NES games should not be $5.

Alex Lucard: It depends on the titles for me. 10 for an N64 game is less than you can buy them for on E-Bay. Same with some SNES games.

Alex Williams: NES games shouldn’t have been $20 either, but they were on the GBA for a time.

Alex Lucard: I was just typing that.

Tom Pandich: It is a nice drop from the $20 of the GBA classics series, but god damn, 5 bucks is too much.

Alex Williams: I paid $5 for NES e-cards. Seems fair enough for virtual data. Yes, I was the guy. ;)

Tom Pandich: Donâ┚¬â”žÂ¢t get me wrong, there are certain games that I don’t mind paying higher prices for.

Tom Pandich: I liked the idea of the E-Reader, it was just pretty meh in its execution.

Alex Williams: Besides, 8-bucks for something around GBA quality is totally worth it.

Alex Williams: I’ll never forgive the e-reader for f*cking up SMB3/SMA4/whatever it was.

Alex Lucard: Remember that obscure four person RPG you could play on the NES? I’d buy that for $5.

Tom Pandich: What, Final Fantasy? Dragon Quest?

Alex Williams: Fester’s Quest?

Alex Lucard: No, four players at one time.

Alex Lucard: It was like swords and serpents or something. You had the ability to have four human players.

Tom Pandich: I just suppose that I’m a bargain hunter at heart and 5 bucks for a game I already own two copies of isn’t a bargain at all.

Alex Lucard: $5 for a version you don’t have to blow into though?

Tom Pandich: Some games I don’t have to though. Take Metroid for example.

Alex Williams: I wouldn’t buy NES Zelda because I own two versions. But I would buy Wrecking Crew.

Tom Pandich: I have Metroid on Zero Mission and as a download on Metroid Prime/Fusion.

Alex Williams: But for those who missed out on both? You’d deny them the chance?

Tom Pandich: No, I wouldn’t. I just don’t think that a game that’s been available literally four times should cost $5 :)

Alex Lucard: I’ll happily pay $8 for Bonk’s Adventure or Shining Force 2.

Alex Williams: Agreed on both counts.

Alex Lucard: Or Shadowrun.

Tom Pandich: Yeah, there’s a ton of stuff worth buying that could come out.

Alex Williams: I’d pay $5 for Adventure Island 2.

Tom Pandich: I’ll buy Battleclash for $8.

Alex Lucard: Tell that to Sega and their constant re-release of Golden Axe and Columns

Tom Pandich: Hey, screw you. I love Columns. Columns hasn’t come out in a decent version since the Sega Smash Pack. That was five + years ago.

Alex Lucard: But see? It’s been on every system Sega has ever made games for.

Tom Pandich: Columns hasn’t come out in a decent version since the Sega Smash Pack. That was five + years ago.

Alex Lucard: It’s been on more than the smash pack.

Tom Pandich: Ok, I’m a hypocritical ass. I don’t care. I want my Columns.

Alex Lucard: lol

Tom Pandich: The Sega Classic Collection had a horrible battle mode. Crown was too gimmicky.

Tom Pandich: N64 games are fine for $10. $5 is too high for most NES games. $7-8 for a SNES game can be alright. It is still better then the prices for Frogger on Live though.

QUESTION 6: How do you think the WII will do for the entirety of this three way console war?

Alex Williams: It’s going to be a more successful Nintendo console than the more recent entries. The market expansion Nintendo wants has already shown itself with the DS, and the Wii will continue that on consoles, but I still can’t see it winning this generation of console wars unless it sells REALLY big. And I mean 200,000 units a week, like Japan’s DS sales have been more recently.

Tom Pandich: The PS3 is still the system to beat. The 360 has already sold 5 million. It’s going to be a better run for Nintendo, but it’ll still be a tough fight. Nintendo has always been successful in the handheld division though. It didn’t help the N64 or the Gamecube.

Alex Lucard: Nintendo proved it can kick the living shit out of Sega in the handheld war. I hope it does the same with the Wii/PS3 battle as Sony has gone even more insane lately, but Tom’s right that PS3 is the system to bear

Alex Williams: It will start out super-strong in the beginning by default. All Nintendo has to do is capitalize on its natural lead in the next few months.

Tom Pandich: DS sales are absurd in Japan. I actually think the system being launched earlier in the US simply to give some time to ship off the extras to Japan.

Alex Williams: And yes, the PS3 will be a tough customer. Especially with its REVOLUTIONARY TILTING CONTROLLER!

Tom Pandich: Six degrees of separation, eh?

Alex Williams: Indeed!

Alex Lucard: Wii has the potential to win. Nintendo just has to keep hammering on Sony like it did with the DS and it will win. Can it though? We’ll have to see.

Tom Pandich: Indeed Alex. Indeed Indeed!

Tom Pandich: Any time Funaki can be invoked, we all win.

Alex Lucard: I miss the real Kaientai and not the crappy WWE version

Tom Pandich: Agreed. I did like the Team Evil gimmick though.

Alex Williams: By the power of Greyskull. Bitch.

FINAL QUESTION: What’s the stupidest bundle EB/Gamestop will try to force on the average consumer?

Alex Williams: Wii Bundle + Splinter Cell + Memory Card + Carrying Case. Er…

Alex Williams: Maybe they’ll print their own “strategy guides” for Wii Sports.

Tom Pandich: Hmm. Platinum Mario bundle featuring a full brand new carpeting instillation for your entertainment room.

Alex Williams: Throw in a remote for your TV! It’s kinda LIKE a WiiMote, but it isn’t!

Alex Lucard: All I want is to not to have to buy a f*cking bundle.

Tom Pandich: That probably won’t happen.

Tom Pandich: Hey Lucard, can I ask a question?

Alex Williams: I’ll most likely get stuck with one.

Alex Lucard: Shoot Tom.

Tom Pandich: Did you guys see the pricing structure for the Wiimote? A Wiimote will cost $40 without the nunchuk. That’ll cost an extra $20. What do you guys think of that?

Alex Williams: I have mixed feelings about it.

Tom Pandich: I think everyone does.

Alex Williams: On the one hand, the nunchukâ┚¬Â¦

Alex Lucard: Joysticks have been crazy expensive since the days of the PS1. I expect the Wiimote to drop in cost after a few months though.

Alex Williams: …IS optional.

Tom Pandich: Same thing with the “retro” controller.

Alex Williams: That I don’t want to pay extra for. But if I can use my GC controller in the mean time, it won’t be such a bitter pill to swallow.

Tom Pandich: It just seems a little absurd for Nintendo to be going “Wii is for everyone and families and friends and multiplayer games”, and then to drop the bomb that it’ll cost $40 for a base unit.

Alex Lucard: Do you think they’ll do the same thing they are in Japan where if you buy so much in download credits, you get a classic controller for free?

Alex Williams: I certainly hope so.

Tom Pandich: Yeah, they’re tossing in a classic controller if you buy 5000 points. It’s a rather cool promotion.

Alex Williams: I’d think the classic controller would be between 20-30.

Tom Pandich: Classic plugs into the Wiimote and is going to cost around $20.

Alex Williams: If it has no motion sensoring, why increase the price eleventybillion times?

Alex Williams: I’d take a free clasic controller if I’m going to buy tons of VC games.

Alex Lucard: As would I.

Tom Pandich: Yeah. I don’t mind passing on a launch game to buy $50 worth of points.

Alex Williams: The unit takes standard memory sticks, right?

Tom Pandich: SD cards. Out of everything the Wii does, the fact it uses the cheapest memory on the market is genius.

Alex Williams: A lot of the stuff it does is genius. Ad luckily, this genius makes up for the shortcomings it has.

Alex Williams: Unlike SOME $500+ system that’s coming out soon…

Tom Pandich: Yeah, it’s not all roses for Nintendo, but for the three of us it looks like a great launch.

Tom Pandich: Oh, we also haven’t talked at all about the Mii system.

Alex Williams: A great idea. Like an XBox 360 profile, but interactive!

Tom Pandich: Yeah, it’s very Japanese in that you can leave people notes, check the weather, all sorts of neat stuff.

Alex Williams: What’s even better is that Mii can make a WiiMote YOUR WiiMote. You take it with you, play with someone else, and your profile magically appears.

Tom Pandich: Plus Opera is free until June or July. It’ll raise to an unknown amount at some point.

Tom Pandich: Yeah, I like the customized Wii-motes idea.

Alex Lucard: I agree. It’s neat, but I can’t see myself using the news or forecast bits.

Alex Williams: I’m still not sure if its a one-time fee or a monthly fee.

Tom Pandich: It’s a one time fee to download Opera. It won’t cost early adopters anything though.

Alex Williams: Well, you’re not Joe Schmoe from Kokomo who doesn’t know how to work a computer.

Alex Williams: Or an 86-year-old grandma who never leaves the TV.

Alex Williams: A one-time fee is easy to swallow.

Tom Pandich: Yeah and thankfully, we won’t have to pay it.

Tom Pandich: You got anything to add Lucard?

Alex Lucard: Not really. I’m pretty apathetic towards the Mii features. I have no use for much of them and the others are neat but nothing that wows me.

Tom Pandich: Fair enough. We don’t care about the fact that the Wii no longer has a DVD player too, right?

Alex Williams: Like the three in my house and one in my computer right now?

Tom Pandich: Exactly.

Alex Lucard: If I bought a video game console for DVD playback I might as well have the word “FUCKHEAD” tattooed on my skull

Alex Williams: YES! WHAT WAS NINTENDO THINKIGN!!?!?!?!@?/1/21/2!?@

Alex Williams: Or, on first thought, no.

Tom Pandich: Going back to the Mii for a second, how cool would it be if the new Animal Crossing had weather based on the forecast where you live.

Alex Williams: What would be even better is if your Mii was the character, and you could export AC outfits to the WiiMote and view them as costume changes in other games.

Tom Pandich: Man, you’re right. That would be awesome if you could bring your in game avatar into games as your character.

Alex Lucard: That would be cool, and it might actually make me care about AC for more than two weeks before I get bored with it.

Alex Williams: Having it online would be the best option. Visit every town in the world!

Tom Pandich: Yeppers.

Tom Pandich: Alright. Let’s just keep this a Wii thing. There’s a bit of PS3/PSP news floating around, but it’s already past 1 on the east coast and I need to get up tomorrow.

Tom Pandich: Final thoughts?

Alex Williams: The Wii has all the ingredients to rock the world. And its definitely going to shake things up on the market. Itâ┚¬â”žÂ¢s going to be very successful for what it is. Not for emulating past generations and passing them off as new.

Alex Lucard: Final thoughts? The Wii is going to rock and is the only one of the three systems of this generation that even remotely interests me.

Alex Lucard: I can’t see myself ever caring about the 260 and Sony never has quality games out the first year of any of their system’s lives.

Alex Williams: I don’t even know what the 260 is!

Alex Lucard: Don’t make me fire you and send you shit in a box for your wedding present.

Tom Pandich: The Wii has the potential to not just change gaming forever. It has the potential to enter us into a brand new age of entertainment itself.

Tom Pandich: Lucard, you need to go to sleep. You’re crashing hard.

Tom Pandich: Alright, I’ll get this edited for tomorrow.

Alex Williams: Heh.

Alex Lucard: I’ve had maybe two hours sleep a night for the past fortnight

Tom Pandich: Awww, I feel so sad for you. How many women did you bang again on your trip, five?

Alex Williams: Final thought, The Wii WILL rock.