Hulk Hogan: Pokemanaic

On August 8th, New York City held “Pokemon Day” in Bryant Park. The Grandmaster of Ceremonies? Hollywood Hulk Hogan himself. Yes, much like John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio Jr., and others, The Immortal One is a bonified Pokemanaic.

Yeah I know, we’ve been making jokes about Hogan jobbing to Pikachu but not Orton/Pikachu and Hogan vs Randy and Bob in the IP staff lounge for a couple of days now.

Courtesy of, we here at Inside Pulse (Okay, just me and Widro. But our opinions combined > everyone elses!) thought it would be fun to reprint the interview the most popular and succesful game franchise in the history of the industry had with the man from sports entertainment that can arguably make the same claim.

Oh yes, Hogan vs Pikachu image was made by James Hatton! Read IHL!