Pulse Cannon

Hey and welcome to the Cannon. Not going to bring you any more letters from the Oblivious this week as I’ve gotten myself a new job, a real job too, so it’s been all work and no play here in the land of O’Reilly. As I write this it’s 7:15 pm and I’m fighting to stay awake. So here’s a lesson for you. Gaming is cool and all, but don’t let it interfere with you marrying a rich broad to carry you through life. Yah your parents should be good for a few years, but trust me they figure things out pretty quick. A rich broad (or fella for you ladies out there…or hell, it’s legal up here, a fella for any of you fellas in Canada who have the urge to marry rich) will be even quicker to figure it out, but that’s where divorce settlements come in. Just remember, don’t sign the pre-nup. Get all offended. Be a Prima Donna, storm out of the place like Mariah Carey.

What the hell was that?

Anyway, in the gaming news department, there’s now a demo you can download for Tomb Raider: Our Last Chance for the 360. I know this because I’m downloading it right now. Very slowly. So it’s popular. I guess we’ll see if Crystal Dynamics can get it right after so many botched efforts from Core. Ok what else happened this week? Well the UMD movie format has been all but declared dead by many of the studios who had been supporting it. Sony of course have hunkered down and declared that vengeance will be theirs….when Blu-Ray conquers all. Speaking of Sony some VP in their European division apparently announced that the PS3 will cost somewhere between 499 and 599 Euros, which if translated directly to the American market would mean prices of $613 and $736. That’s not even bothering to look at the Canadian price. For that price I had better be felated every time I press a button on that system.

Other than that, Apple have apparently decided to give the go ahead to people wanting to dual boot OS-X and Windows XP, thus giving rise to the OS-XP Macbook Pro. You gotta use Apple approved software (of course) and it will only work on the new Macs that use Intel hardware, but it’s enough of a reason for me to think about making my next computer a Mac. HAH, right.

Anyway, I’d love to keep typing but the eyes are having none of it. So I guess that means the eyes have it. Hopefully next week will be more settled and more conducive to me wasting time doing something other than sleeping. I’m looking at you rich chicks. Yes I’m willing to relocate. For a fee. Anyway, have a good one.