Pulse Cannon

Have you ever gotten greedy with your PC? You add just one more peripheral, upgrade the box just once too many times and have it cause a chain reaction of pain? That happened to me last week. I’m still recovering. Anyway, thats the explanation for the lack of a PC last week, I didn’t have reliable PC to use.
Anyway, so I was doing up the column yesterday using speech recognition. It took me about 20 minutes to get two good paragraphs done, and of course just as I thought the column was getting near completion my computer crashed, so I took that as a sign to not talk about what I was talking about yesterday.

So. Hookers don’t like GTA. I can actually see their point. After all, the game seems to suggest that it’s fun to pay hookers, have your way with them and then beat them to death for the money you just gave them plus interest. I am kind of surprised it took this long for them to really bitch about it, but I suppose when you’re trying to avoid the pimp hand you don’t have time to be keeping up to date on the latest videogame crazes. After all, PIMPIN AIN’T EASY!!!

Speaking of pimping, heres some links. Take these seriously now, because I rarely link.

First of all, check out these guys who stole my idea for an IP podcast. Well, I can’t really say that, it’s not like I pursued the idea. Curse you massive laziness…well, maybe I’ll curse it later when I feel up to it.

Next, we have Lucard, who decided to do a videogame list and then decided to NOT put it in the videogame section. Hah, what a card. What will he think of next?

Mark B takes us into the sad sad world of lame lame games with his Playing the Lame. As the song says, It ain’t pretty what he does for you…

The Figures fellows are at the annual toy fair. Go check out their views and opinions.

And lastly the pimp must go out to the Man, the Myth, the Szulczewski

There. Now that I’ve done my annual share of pimping, it’s time to find a nice looking hoe and…wait, thats not it. I know. It’s time for me to regale you about a nifty little game I bought last week. It’s 3 years old, is on the PC, and has the best voice recognition in a game I’ve seen yet. The game is Enigma Rising Tide. You command various ships in an alternate version of WW2, from submarines to destroyers. It appears that you can’t get the big ships, but who knows, I could be wrong. At any rate, from playing this game, I should have been in the Navy. I’m awesome at barking out orders and seeing stuff happen. I’m better with a submarine though. The game was only 20 Canadian, so if you can find it, and you enjoy playing these sorts of games, especially if you like voice recognition games, give this one a go. There’s another game using current ships and apparently lets you use voice commands, called Dangerous Waters, I’ll have to see if I can’t pick myself up a copy of that sometime soon.

Meanwhile things are really looking up for me on the console side. Games I had forgotten were coming out are soon to hit the market, meaning I can dust them off and play them again. Games like Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence, Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War and Blazing Angels, which I didn’t really forget about but let slip my mind, and others, like Warship Gunner 2, which I didn’t even know was getting a US release. So I’m really starting to get the old feeling back, the feeling I missed all of last year once Resident Evil 4 came and went. The feeling that I might have fun playing games this year. Am I alone in feeling this way? Who knows. I’m just happy I am feeling it. Anyway, that’s it for another week.