Pulse Cannon

Hey, welcome to 2006. I hope you each had yourselves a wonderful and or debauched New Years, whichever you go for. Who knows, maybe it was both. Me? I got to work. No not here, Widro may be a slave driver but he’s not a cruel heartless bastard. At my real life job. Ah well, not like I’d do anything anyway.

So anyhoo, on with the column. It being New Years I’m gonna steal a cliche and give you my resolutions for the new year.

1: I’m going to buy more games. Not some rediculous amount. But I’ve rented far more games in the past couple of years without buying them, some games which deserved to be bought too. I’ve mentioned in past columns that I think we should be buying more games after finding out if we like them, so thats what I aim to do.

2: I’m going to hold off on buying any new system until I know theres a game I want already out and another 2 coming. I’m probably the only person in North America who was happy the 360 launched with such a severe shortage. Had there been enough units for everyone I would have found a way to get all hyped and buy the damn thing. After taking a glance at the launch titles, theres nothing there for me yet. If Revolution and PS3 launch this year like we expect them too, they get the same treatment.

3: I’m going to continue to be a hard ass on games I review. I know I know, some people think everyone can be plied with money and women, and believe me you’re more than welcome to try, but I think you’ll be disappointed.

4: I’m going to figure out a way to get my hands on Guitar Hero. Somehow someway, I will shake the foundations of my house. Oh yes.

So there you go, my new years gaming resolutions. Maybe we’ll see how I did next year, if I can remember. May you all have a pleasant and prosperous and peaceful 2006.