Christmas Cannon

As 2005 comes to a conclusion we get the chance to look back at the year that was and wonder: What the hell were the game company’s thinking? Did they collectively all get together and say screw it these pricks will buy anything? Or did they all say bah, the current generation is OLLLLLLLLD man, lets start making games for the 360 and PS3?

We did our best of the year awards internally the other day here at the Pulse, and as Lucard posted yesterday you yourself will be given the opportunity to vote for the reader awards. I’m not gonna spill the beans on who we picked, you’ll have to wait for that. I have to say though, it feels like 2005 is going to go down in history as the Game of the Year that only earned an award because we had to give it out. I mean, you guys expect us to do things like this. It’s what gamesites do.

Of course, not everyone on staff feels like I do, and in the end a game was apparently found to be of a suitable caliber to win the title. I think we should put an * beside it though next year, mention something like “Cuz there was nothing else”. I’m not slagging the winner, the staff as a whole agreed that the game deserves the award. But this year has been piss poor for great games. It’s sad too, I saw this coming after the rush of great titles hit last year. It’s happened before, but never this bad. I remember the year after Metal Gear Solid and Zelda: Ocarina of Time came out, there was hardly anything the next year.

Not to worry though. Like the tide, the wave of games that swamped us in 2004 and then left us parched in 2005 will soon return in 2006. Well, I hope at least. With 2, possibly 3 next generation consoles either on the market or hitting it in 2006 things should get much better. God I hope so. I don’t know if I can take another year of this.

Anyway, I hope you all have yourselves a jolly festive season, I’ll see you in one or possibly 2 weeks. Depends how stuffed I am with turkey.